Windows 10 for Education: Overview, Benefits, Challenges, Management. Windows 10 pro education

Windows 10 for Education: Overview, Benefits, Challenges, Management

Ever since its inception in 1985, Windows computers have knocked on the doors of organizations, schools, and homes and have been dearly loved. Before the mobile phone took over our lives, a Windows computer was the only digital technology that was widely used across industries, age groups, and use cases. The popularity of Windows computers is undebated. Windows has a global market share of more than 87.56% for browsing, according to a survey by Net MarketShare. For gaming and developers, the market share is around 95% and 45%, respectively².

The numbers alone speak of the recognition of Windows devices among users. What makes Windows computers so acclaimed across the world is their familiarity, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. over, thanks to a variety of freely available Windows app development platforms, the market is filled with Windows software that is extremely cheap or free of cost. Windows PCs are widely used across the world in the education sector because Windows 10 for education happens to be the easiest, most accessible, and most reasonable personal computer available in the market. So much so that a computer in most parts of the world is synonymous with Windows.

What is Windows 10 for Education?

Windows 10, the latest series of personal computing operating systems by Microsoft, was launched in 2015. Enriched with universal apps and an improved interface, Windows 10 has been receiving positive reviews since its launch. Bundled with Windows educational software and designed to keep desktop users in mind, Windows 10 has been extensively used in education for personalized learning facilitated by education-centric applications, all at affordable rates.

Windows 10 focuses on delivering education straight to the student, alleviating the workload of educators. Teachers and educators can make use of Windows 10 devices as a replacement for traditional blackboards, paving the way for interactive learning and improved engagement.

Windows 10 for students has special provisioning for computers and laptops deployed for educational institutes and there are several applications exclusively designed for education- ranging from apps for learning to online tests, making it an immersive end-to-end learning teaching experience. Coupled with contemporary hardware, the easy-to-manage Windows 10 is revolutionizing the educational industry and it’s time institutes start exploring how to manage them with a powerful MDM.

Benefits of Windows 10 to Drive an Engaging Educational Experience

The education industry is embracing several technological advancements but the role and importance of Windows 10 are nowhere to go away. Check out these top 6 benefits that schools and colleges leverage using Windows 10.

Improved reading writing

Microsoft learning tools help in improving comprehension, speed of reading, and writing with visually enhanced displays. Further, these tools help with highlighted texts, by reading aloud content and by breaking down words syllable-by-syllable.

Improved storytelling

With the Microsoft Photos app, storytelling in classrooms is dynamically improved with video and graphics, also making a way for engagement and creative communication.

Creativity unleashed

With Paint 3D, students can channel their inner creator and furbish excellent challenging concepts into models based on their thought processes.

Better controls

Onscreen Eye controls enable students, especially the ones with special needs or disabilities, to control the on-screen mouse and keyboard and enable text-to-speech recognition.

Productivity tools

Students and educators can make use of Whiteboards, a digital board for improved collaboration. Nearby sharing enables students to exchange notes and information over the air. Focus assistance can help to eliminate distractions during work hours, and taking a test can help teachers in conducting digital assignments.

Collection of educational apps

Microsoft has a huge set of apps ranging from early learning, study guides, reference books, language, and instructional guides specifically designed for education. By making use of these educational apps, schools can implement new ways of learning through interactive puzzles, digital flashcards even games.

Challenges in Using Windows 10 Devices for Education

While using Windows 10 drives great benefits for educators and students, the use of digital devices in classrooms can also bring in a few challenges, such as:

  • Use of entertainment apps causing distractions
  • Accessing non-educational, inappropriate websites and content
  • Risk of misusing the computer for non-educational purposes
  • Breach of student’s personal developmental data
  • Unauthorized access to the computer after school hours
  • Inability to privately distribute mission-specific apps
  • Manually monitoring the performance of the devices, updating systems whenever needed
  • Manually troubleshooting errors on the computer
  • Controlling the device operations centrally without impacting user experience

To mitigate these challenges, it is important to apply school-level usage policies on the Windows 10 laptops and desktops used in education. Effective management of large device inventories creates a subsequent load on the school’s IT team and hence, an MDM solution for education plays well to mitigate these challenges while leveraging the true capabilities of Windows 10 devices.

Scalefusion Windows 10 Management for Education

Scalefusion Windows 10 device management helps schools and educational organizations to effectively eliminate the challenges brought in while using Windows 10 computers for education. With Scalefusion support for Windows 10 devices (for both company-owned and student-owned), educators and students can make use of educational capabilities and features extended by Windows 10 devices without hampering productivity and security.

Key Advantages of using Scalefusion to manage Windows 10 devices in education:

  • Allow or block applications
  • Allow or block access to websites
  • Configure Chrome browser settings to avoid distractions by blocking pop-ups, javascript and setting YouTube filters
  • Ensure device and data security by enforcing passcodes, Incognito mode and disabling password and form autofill
  • Configure the device to run only a selected single, pre-installed/ Enterprise/ Win32 application
  • Control default search engine and search suggestions
  • Enforce geolocation on a Chrome browser for IP-based location tracking

The use of Windows 10 for education can be immensely beneficial for augmenting the learning experience for kids. By establishing appropriate policy applications controls, the experience of using Windows 10 for education can be elevated.

Secure, control monitor Windows 10 devices used for your students and kids with Scalefusion! We also offer discounted rates for schools and NGOs.

Windows 10 Home, Pro, or Enterprise: What’s the difference?

If you’re reading this on a computer that still has a rotating hourglass, then your device is begging to be updated. It may seem like a minor thing, you might even think updates are unnecessary, and you wouldn’t be alone.

According to a report by Kaspersky, over 24% of all PC users are still running an outdated version of Windows. And of that number, there is an equal share of consumers, small businesses, and very small businesses (VSBs).

Many might not want to update because they think the older version is more familiar and reliable. At the same time, there might be some who think updating will cost them more money.

The reality is neglecting to update your devices puts your business at risk for malware attacks, and it also costs you a lot more to keep it that way.

In the same report, security specialists noted that small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) running outdated tech could see up to 54% bigger losses due to data breaches than competitors running more current systems.

In addition, the fact that Microsoft has ceased providing mainstream support for lower versions of Windows means you’ll be spending extra just to keep the OS running properly. In fact, it could cost nearly double to fix a system if it’s older than four years.

Fortunately, you can update to Windows 10 today, and it wouldn’t cost you an arm, and a leg, provided your current tech isn’t ancient. In addition, you have different versions of the OS to choose from: Home, Pro, and Enterprise.

Not sure which one would be best for your business?

We can help you with that. At ITS, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses ensure their devices are up to date and running optimally. I n this article, we’ll help you decide which Windows 10 version is right for you by discussing the following:

  • Why is Windows 10 great for businesses?
  • What are the differences between the Windows 10 versions?
  • Which version of Windows 10 is best for my business?

Why is Windows 10 great for small businesses?

Older versions of Windows can’t compete with the improvements offered by Windows 10.

That’s because the latest version of the OS has not only successfully recreated the familiar Windows experience for users, it’s also packed with new, intuitive features and improvements. Another plus is that if you’re opting for the basic Windows 10 Home, the update is absolutely for users currently running an older Windows version.

T ake a look at some of the main reasons you should consider updating to Windows 10:


If your business has already been running on Microsoft products, then the transition to Windows 10 will be seamless. It’s also compatible with almost every software available, so you can run the systems you need to keep your business running.

In addition, the new OS offers a variety of versions and editions like Home, Pro, and Enterprise. These editions offer features tailored for different needs.

Enhanced Security

Windows 10 offers a wide variety of built-in security features to help protect your device and complement your antivirus software. These new features include Windows Hello, Windows Defender, Secure Boot, and Device Guard. Plus, even more, are available for Windows Pro and Enterprise.

Better Collaborative Capabilities

The shift to Cloud-based applications means that Windows 10 offers vastly improved collaborative capabilities. Applications like Sharepoint and OneDrive are well integrated with the new OS and help enable businesses to share and access data safely, any time and anywhere.

Improved User-Friendly Interface

The addition of intuitive features like the integration of Cortana for an improved search experience and the Action Center, which organizes all notifications in one place, all make Windows 10 much easier to use for your business.

What are the differences between the Windows 10 versions?

There are currently several different versions of Windows 10 available, which is great as it provides you with options. However, it can be a little challenging to determine which edition best fits your business needs. To help you make an informed decision, here’s a quick rundown of some of the key differences between the versions.

Windows 10 Home

Home is the basic variant of Windows 10. While it is basic, it comes chock full of new features compared to earlier versions like the revamped Start Menu, which users sorely missed in Windows 8. Cortana, the digital voice assistant previously exclusive for Windows phones, has also been integrated into the new OS allowing for a better search experience.

In addition to those, the Home edition also features new security upgrades like Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support, a microchip that offers additional security functions; Microsoft Passport; and a new biometric login feature by Windows Hello.

The new OS also lets users take advantage of Virtual Desktops and the Snap Assist feature, allowing them to view four apps on the screen simultaneously.

Windows 10 Pro

As you would expect, Windows 10 Pro has all the new features of the Home edition but is packed with some extras that are tailored for small businesses. These include major security features like Bitlocker and Assigned Access 8.1.

Bitlocker is a powerful disk encryption tool that lets users encrypt external flash drives. Assigned Access 8.1 allows users to lock user accounts and prevent access to specific apps.

Windows 10 Pro also has tools that facilitate seamless connectivity. It also offers Client Hyper-V which is a built-in virtualization solution.

Other features include Domain Join and Group Policy Management. Domain Join allows users to connect remotely and securely to their work domain. And Group Policy Management allows users to edit group policy settings.

Overall, these are massive upgrades that small businesses can take full advantage of.

Windows 10 Enterprise

The Enterprise edition is designed to meet the demands of medium to large organizations. This edition comes packed with even more sophisticated security features such as Device Guard to lock down devices, secure intranet connectivity, and domain-based credential protection.

Enterprise is perfect for companies looking for a more robust and secure OS that can complement their existing security systems.

Which version of Windows 10 is best for my business?

This Will 3x Your Productivity in Windows 10/11

What it all boils down to is what you need from your new OS. Try to determine what features you actually need for your business.

While Home is a great OS for the average joe, Pro offers more advanced features and built-in security measures that meet the needs of small businesses. On the other hand, if you are looking for more robust security, then Enterprise might be the best choice for you.

Ready to update your devices?

ITS has helped hundreds of small to medium businesses upgrade their technology to leverage and maximize its capabilities.

So if you’re still unsure which Windows 10 version will fit your business, fill out this form for a free tech consultation.

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The Cortana virtual assistant, today’s best Windows 10 laptops can do it all.

What do you get with a Lenovo laptop with Windows 10? The world’s most powerful PC operating system.- with an accelerated boot-up routine that gets you up and running (and working) faster than ever. Windows 10 also added touch-screen capabilities for laptops equipped with those displays.

Best of all, Lenovo lets you choose from hundreds of different laptops equipped with Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro: Buying a new Microsoft Windows 10 laptop puts you at the leading edge, with all the features you’ll need to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently for years to come. From the return of the popular Start button to new data protections to built-in assistance from

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Get an added edge with a Windows 10 Pro laptop

Windows 10 Pro (or Windows 10 Professional) is Microsoft’s upgraded version of Windows 10 (also called Windows 10 Home). With additional features that aren’t available in the base OS, Windows 10 Pro offers numerous advantages for users of all kinds.

Every Lenovo laptop with Windows 10 Pro features BitLocker disk encryption. It adds a special, extra layer of protection for your files and other data – making it a great feature those who work remotely and need to keep sensitive business and personal data protected. There’s also a remote desktop control feature. But while the similar capability in the Home version of Windows 10 enables what is effectively just remote monitoring and viewing of another machine, the Windows 10 Pro version provides fuller remote control – making it superior for managing large fleets of laptops, like those in corporate settings.

You really can’t go wrong with a new Lenovo laptop that comes pre-loaded with Windows 10 or a Lenovo laptop that includes Windows 10 Pro. Even our most affordable Windows 10 laptops outperform anything that could be accomplished with older versions of the popular operating system.

Tips for Choosing the Best Windows 10 Laptop

Buying a Windows 10 laptop can prove to be a responsible investment decision. Check out these suggestions to assist you in buying the most appropriate alternative for your requirements.

You will find a lot of options in these laptops. A 12 inch Windows 10 laptop is one of the smallest options. That option is best for those who need limited computing and easy carrying. You can buy a laptop with Windows 10 that is much larger, often up to 16 inches.

One of the most important things to look for when you want to do any type of real computing is the amount of RAM within it. Most often, it is best to choose a Windows 10 laptop with 8GB ram or larger. If you plan to do a lot of computing through gaming or photo editing, increase this.

Take a look at the options in processors. There are a few. For one of the best options, choose a Windows 10 i7 laptop. This is going to provide excellent performance overall for those who want to purchase an Intel processor. If you are looking for a Windows 10 gaming laptop, an i7 is a good option, but an i9 is even better. If you have a laptop running slow Windows 10 upgrades to the processor may help. It is generally less expensive to just buy another one, though, instead of trying to speed up Windows 10 laptop problems on an existing system.

Touch Screen

While it is not a requirement, some people want to invest in a touch screen. It can improve performance. A Windows 10 touch screen laptop is an option, but be sure to consider other features, such as the processor and memory, as essential features. In other words, a Windows 10 touch laptop is a great option, but you need a high-performing system.

A 2 in one laptop Windows 10 can be an excellent choice for those who want a high performance laptop that can get a lot done in both laptop form and tablet form. A Windows 10 2 in 1 laptop is designed to be multi-functional and helps with everything from watching movies to writing papers.

One of the best things about the options on the market is that you can buy a wide range of features for them. For example, if you do any type of processing of documents or you are in school, check out a laptop with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office. You may be able to find a laptop that allows you to buy both at the same time, potentially for a bit of savings. This can also be important when you are buying a gaming laptop with Windows 10. Buy one that comes fully featured so you can get the best performance out of it possible.

New or Used?

One of the questions you may be after is how to save money when buying laptops with Windows 10. There are some cheap Windows 10 laptops out there. You do not have to buy a top-rated brand. You can go with an inexpensive Windows 10 laptop as long as it offers the processor, features, RAM, and memory that you need.

Another option is to consider a used Windows 10 laptop. If you decide to purchase a used laptop, be sure to have a good idea of what is on the system and what it has been used for. It is best to seek out a refurbished Windows 10 laptop for the best results. That is going to help ensure you get the results you want.

windows, education, overview, benefits

Best for School

Another common question many people have is which is the best Windows 10 laptop for school. The thing to remember is that this can change from one person to the next. For example, if you are trying to decide between a Chromebook or Windows 10 laptop, it is best to choose based on what you will use it for. A Chromebook is a simpler tool, while a laptop Windows 10 is going to offer you more performance. If you plan to do a lot of computing, photo editing, audio work, or other advanced features, go with the Windows laptop for its overall functionality.

Quick Tips for Buying a Laptop

No matter what you are looking for in a new laptop, it only takes a few minutes to do some research to ensure you are buying the best product available. At Lenovo, we work hard to provide you with access to the very best laptops Windows 10.

Buy with careful attention to the spaces. Windows 10 laptops under 200 are going to be stripped-down models good for basic use. For a bit of a better option, choose Windows 10 laptops under 300. You are going to get a bit more functionality, especially if it upgrades the processor.

Find the accessories you need to go along with it. We have the Windows 10 laptop charger you need, depending on the make and model of the laptop you buy. You can buy a second one or a replacement one if you need it.

If you need high quality and hard-working option, look at the Windows 10 Pro laptop options. These tend to come with more processing power and better overall performance. You are sure to get more results when you invest in these laptops, depending on their specs.

Take the time to know what you plan to do with your laptop before you buy one. There are a lot of laptops with Windows 10 on them. That means you can choose from a wide range of features, higher levels of memory and RAM, and lots of processing power. If you plan to do some gaming, look for laptops designed for this, as they will come with better processors and great graphics cards. For school, you may not need a bit of a laptop with many features, especially in elementary and middle school. On the other hand, students who are older may benefit from an upgrade if they are in classes that demand the use of the software.

If you need to learn how to connect Windows 10 laptop to a TV via HDMI or how to format Windows 10 laptop only c Dive, reach out to our team for one-on-one support.

Whatever you are looking for, you will almost certainly find it right here at Lenovo. Please check back with us frequently. Our inventory always keeps changing.

Is it worth getting Windows 10 Pro?

There are a lot of different opinions out there about whether or not it’s worth upgrading to Windows 10 Pro.

First, let’s talk about some of the extra features that you get with Windows 10 Pro. One of the most notable is the ability to defer updates for up to eight months. This can be a big deal if you’re worried about Microsoft rolling out buggy updates that could break your computer. You also get access to additional security features like Device Guard and Credential Guard.

If you’re running a business, Windows 10 Pro also gives you access to #domain_name joining and Group Policy Management. These features make it easier to manage a fleet of computers.

So, is it worth upgrading to Windows 10 Pro? It really depends on your needs. If you’re a casual user, you probably don’t need all of the extra features that Pro offers. However, if you’re running a business or need more control over your computer, then upgrading to Pro might be a good idea.

What’s the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 10 S?

Both versions of Windows 10 and Window 10 S operating systems offer a range of features and benefits, but there are some key differences that you should be aware of.

Windows 10 offers a more comprehensive range of features and is suitable for use on all types of devices. Windows 10 S is designed for security and performance, with a FOCUS on delivering a faster and more reliable experience. It’s also been optimized for use on devices with limited storage space, such as laptops and tablets.

When it comes to security, Windows 10 S includes several features that are not available in Windows 10, such as built-in virus protection and the option to disable third-party apps. It’s also been designed to prevent users from accidentally installing malware or other malicious software.

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Pricing: Does not include tax, shipping and handling, or recycling fees. Reseller may vary.

Windows 10 Pro vs Windows 10 Home: All the differences explained

When you count all the different ways Windows 10 will be available, there are actually ten editions: Windows 10 Home, Pro, Pro for Workstations, Enterprise, Enterprise LTSC, Education, Pro Education, Windows 10 in S mode, IOT and Team, leaving you with lots of choice.

The various options break down into device or situation specific in order to suit the needs of the user, business or education system. Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise and Education are the main editions with all the bells and whistles Microsoft has to offer but there are more stripped out versions that offer benefits too.

Windows 10 in S mode is one of the newer addition types which is designed to offer a more lightweight version of the OS for the most efficient performance. As such this feature-limited Windows 10 is ideal for affordable devices used in situations like education. This also works well as a less process intensive platform for older hardware and mobile devices like tablet computers.

So there are lots of versions to pick from and you may be wondering which is best for you, fret not. In this article, we’ll go through the exact details of each version.

Windows 10 Home

The version of Windows 10 that you’re most likely to get if you buy a new PC, tablet or 2-in-1 is Windows 10 Home, which has the key features of Windows 10, from the latest Start menu to the Edge browser, to the Windows Hello biometric login feature that uses your face or fingerprint instead of a password, to a now-mandatory Cortana – the voice-controlled assistant.

Windows 10 Home includes game streaming from Xbox One, which lets you play games from your Xbox One on your PC instead. To keep home users more secure, updates like the massive Anniversary Update overhaul from Windows Update, and you don’t get the option not to install critical and security updates.

Windows 10 Home includes the Continuum feature for tablets. This is the tablet mode that simplifies the taskbar and the Start menu, and makes your apps full screen – you can split your screen between two apps, but this is much simpler than the way Windows 8.1 let you arrange Windows on-screen.

Windows 10 Pro

If you use your PC for business, Windows 10 Pro has extra features over Windows 10 Home – the most important of which is being able to join a domain, including Azure Active Directory for single sign-on to Cloud services (and have group policy applied as part of that).

You also get Hyper-V for virtualisation, BitLocker whole disk encryption, enterprise mode Internet Explorer, Remote Desktop, a version of the Windows Store for your own business, Enterprise Data Protection containers and assigned access (which locks a PC to running only one modern application, to use like a kiosk). Pro users can get updates from Windows Update for Business, which includes options for scheduling updates so they don’t reboot PCs at important business times.

There are ways of connecting Windows Home PCs to a server, but if you want the familiar business PC experience, Windows 10 Pro is what you need. It is a free upgrade from the Pro versions of Windows 7 and 8.1 (which includes Windows 7 Ultimate as well as Professional, and Windows 8.1 Pro and Pro for Students), you’ll be able to upgrade to it from Windows 10 Home, and some desktops and notebooks designed for business will come with Windows 10 Pro.

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

As the name suggests this is Windows 10 Pro at its core but rather than being built for all work scenarios this is specifically tailored to high-end hardware. This is, as Microsoft says, the most powerful Windows yet. That means this supports very intensive tasks and as such works well with the likes of Intel Xeon, AMD Opteron and AMD Epyc processor. You can bolt together up to four CPUs and this will help you take advantage of all of them. You also get support for up to 6TB or RAM, the ReFS file system for safe storage that fights against corruption, Non-Volatile Dual In-line Memory Module and remote direct memory access.

This OS uses fewer CPU cycles meaning you end up with more capacity so you can multitask lots of processes at the same time without costing you on performance. The use of persistent memory support also means this OS will let you access your files even if you shut down the system. The Remote Direct Memory Access means you can transfer files between server, PC and SMB Direct quickly with low latency on network requests.

Windows 10 in S mode

Formerly Windows 10 S, now Windows 10 in S mode, this is a feature limited version of Windows 10 that purposely comes with certain elements disabled. As a result this is aimed at more affordable devices, making it ideal for school age education scenarios. The key here is that Windows 10 in S mode only allows for software to be downloaded and installed via the Microsoft Store, making it more secure and safe. This can be unlocked to full Windows 10 but this is permanent and cannot be switched back.

windows, education, overview, benefits

Locked system settings mean the Microsoft Edge browser is the standard using Bing as its search engine. The OS comes with a one-year subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition for free. Windows 10 in S mode could be compared to Chrome OS (which runs on Chromebooks) in terms of closed system simplicity and safety.

Windows 10 Enterprise

Windows 10 Enterprise has all the business features of Pro, and adds a number of more powerful features designed for larger companies: Direct Access for connecting without a VPN, AppLocker for whitelisting apps, BranchCache for sharing downloads and updates with other PCs using a peer-to-peer connection, and group policy for controlling the Start Screen.

There’s also Credential Guard and Device Guard features for protecting Windows logon credentials and locking down which applications a PC can run, and the option of keeping a PC on the Long Term Servicing Branch where it gets only security updates (ideal for systems you need to have working reliably for years without being affected by new and changing Windows features).

The free Windows 10 upgrade doesn’t apply to Windows Enterprise; that’s because you can only get it with a volume licence (and you have to already have a Windows Pro licence for each PC), and if you have a volume licence you already have the option of Software Assurance, which includes upgrades.

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC

This is the Long-Term Service Channel version of Windows 10 Enterprise meaning it’s a more long-term support system with a released update scheduled for every two to three years. That gets you security updates for 10 years after its release also.

This edition does not feature the Microsoft Store or any bundled apps. This is aimed at situations where the functionality won’t change over long periods of time, so for medical systems like MRI and CAT scanners, industrial process controllers and air traffic control.

Windows 10 Education

Windows 10 Education is a more recent SKU, designed for large academic organisations like universities that want the security, management and connectivity features of Windows 10 Enterprise (it’s common for students to need to join the domain to use official printers, for example).

The feature list is almost identical to Windows 10 Enterprise but it doesn’t have the Long Term Servicing Branch and instead of having to upgrade from Windows Pro, you can upgrade directly to Windows 10 Education from Windows 10 Home. That means educational establishments can easily make Windows 10 Education available to students bringing in their own PCs.

Windows 10 Pro Education

The idea behind this version of Windows 10 Pro is to offer the Education extras at a discounted rate to those with a K-12 academic licence. So you get most of the Windows 10 Pro features with some options deactivated by default to suit educators. The likes of Cortana, Microsoft Store suggestions and Windows Spotlight are all disabled as standard.

There are also great options that make setup and deployment easier in an educational system. In fact you can set everything up using a USB flash drive thanks to the Set Up School PC app.

Windows 10 IoT

If you have a Raspberry Pi 2 or an Intel Galileo or a range of other ‘maker boards’ you can get a free version of Windows 10 for them that can run universal apps. There are also versions of Windows 10 that OEMs can put on more traditional embedded devices like point of sale systems, cash tills, ATMs and other machinery.

This actually breaks down into IOT Core and IOT Enterprise versions with Core aimed at x86, x64 and ARM systems and the Enterprise version only for x86 and x64. The former is for things like digital signage, Smart buildings, gateway, HMI, Smart home and wearables. Enterprise is more for industry tablets, retail, kiosks, medical devices, manufacturing devices and Thin Client.

Windows 10 Team

This version of Windows 10 is a device specific version of the OS. It is made for the Surface Hub and comes with that as standard. The Surface Hub is a standalone interactive whiteboard with a 55-inch or 84-inch multitouch display aimed at business use.

This OS works with 3D modelling to allow for quick viewing of objects from different perspectives using touch to move. This also supports Skype for Business video conferencing and Microsoft Office for the likes of PowerPoint, Excel, Word and you also get OneNote for on-screen drawing.

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WHICH VERSION? Windows 10 Home vs. Pro vs. Education Comparison

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