Wood stove for cooking

Making a Russian outdoor oven with your own hands

Once you have decided on the project of the outdoor Russian stove, found a place and purchased materials, tools and everything you need for construction, you can begin construction of the foundation. When the base under the furnace is ready, start masonry strictly in accordance with the schemes and drawings. At first the bricks are laid dry without mortar. This will help to determine the correct construction and take into account all the nuances before the final construction of the stove.

Important! With the help of horizontal and vertical levels and plumb benches when dry masonry check the correctness of the laid out ranking.

If the dry masonry corresponds to all the schemes and drawings, then prepare the mortar and begin to do the orderly masonry, without missing the necessary openings for the chimney and other technological spaces, corresponding to the scheme.

Preparing the site

The site should be sufficiently large and preferably flat. If necessary, the site should be levelled with a shovel and rake.

For the stove, it is better to choose the most comfortable place for you:

  • on the sunny side;
  • with distance from wooden buildings and fences;
  • without any shading of the plantings on the site;
  • preferably in a pergola.

It is advisable to build the stove together with the gazebo, in the same color scheme, of homogeneous materials. It is desirable to reflect this in the scheme and project.

How to make the foundation

After selecting a place on your homestead, proceed to build the foundation. Its main criteria should be:

  • Dig a hole of suitable width and length according to the scheme to a depth of 3050 cm;
  • Pour sand make a sand cushion of 20 cm;
  • On top, pour crushed stone to the level of the ground;
  • Choose a foundation monolithic concrete slab of the appropriate size or concreting with your own hands;
  • for concreting, we put the formwork, install the reinforcement, pour the mortar.

If the furnace is built in a prefabricated wooden pergola, all fire safety rules must be observed. For this purpose, lay basalt cardboard or asbestos board and a sheet of roofing iron, clay layer and again a layer of basalt cardboard. Masonry work begins after the mortar has dried.

Important! Do not allow for misalignment or unexpected voids in the masonry. This results in a deformation of the entire structure.

Arrange the oven

Carry out dry masonry design of the stove. If everything is lined up correctly, taking into account dimensions, shapes and components, you can start building the stove with mortar.

According to the pictures, diagrams and drawings proceed to masonry furnace. A typical project has 1320 rows.

Scheme of the masonry of an ordinary small Russian stove with a hob, without additional elements.

From the second to the third row, make sure there is enough room for the fuel: charcoal and wood. Then take into account the chimney and ash drawer. On a back wall of a crucible approximately on the eighth row, we mount brackets and pins for grids and grids for preparation of a barbecue or installation of a brazier (under the project). You can make more brackets to rearrange the grates depending on the heat of the stove and the way you cook.

It is important ! While masonry it is necessary to remove all the surplus of mortar with trowel. Under no circumstances should clay mortar be applied to the inner surface, this will worsen the thermal conductivity and lead to increased soot deposits on the walls.

In the masonry work, don’t forget the holes for the inserts, the shower door and the damper. Mounting according to the size of the door.


How to choose a stove

There are four main functional characteristics of a good quality wood stove for cooking.

  • Pompeian pizza ovens or Russian ovens should withstand intense heat, retaining their strength characteristics, even if the cast iron with water overturned in a hot stove. The bottom plates must withstand a sudden temperature shock without collapsing.
  • A wood-burning stove should be able to quickly reach a temperature when kindling, saving time and money. This occurs primarily due to the high thermal conductivity and heat capacity of the material.
  • Wood-burning oven Russian or Pompeian pizza oven should not noticeably cool when repeatedly sitting pizza or pizza pots. In the absence of a fire, the oven should cool down slowly, especially important when cooking food in a Russian stove, by stewing for 4-8 hours.
  • Ergonomics, height and visibility should allow the person working with the stove to feel comfortable, this is especially important in catering, from this increases productivity, reduces fatigue and marriage.

Furnace Location

Here everything is simple, t.к. Everything determines the place where the stove will be installed.

Wall-mounted. These stoves are installed near a wall. The chimney outlet can be either on top or in the wall.

Angular. Corner furnaces are installed in the corner of the room, for which they have a 90-degree angle.

Central. Furnaces with a central location have only the upper exit of the chimney. Accordingly, such stoves can be placed anywhere in the room without reference to any wall. Often such stoves are round in shape.

Fig. 8. Vesuvius Corner Stove and Brandenburg Wall Stove

In any home in the country, you can not do without a heater. Early spring or late fall are characterized by cold nights and evenings, and avid cottagers do not want to lose time on daily trips to the city, and therefore often stay overnight in their own cabin. It should be noted that, unfortunately, not all garden associations have electricity, and not every landowner in the country can afford to build a brick stove, so it remains to cook on the fire and freeze at night.

Nowadays there are excellent variants of heating and cooking stoves on sale, which are recommended to install in the countryside, it is a great solution to all problems. Diverse models differ in technical characteristics and design, and with their functionality really look like works of art! You can buy a very simple, affordable stove for heating and cooking simple dishes. Or choose an expensive, made to look like the old, stylish model.

The stove or warm hearth has long been the center of attraction in every home and still is today. Modern models of heating and cooking stoves embody the ideal. they can be used at the same time to maintain a comfortable temperature of the heated room and serve as a device for cooking. Both of these conditions are important for you? We have many models in our catalog that will give you that opportunity.

Enjoying considerable demand among owners of compact country houses, such heating products have maximum functionality with excellent ergonomics and small size. They also do not weigh much, they are easy to operate even for those who are new to the subject of countryside real estate.

What are the advantages of heating and cooking stoves, other than their multifunctionality??

Homewood Companion | Cast Iron Cooking Stove

  • They are durable and reliable by default, because they are made of modern and high-quality materials. Often they use cast iron and steel, vitrified clay. Water tanks in models with a water loop have a special production technology. they use stainless steel sheets.
  • Such devices are almost unbreakable. they are resistant to mechanical damage and can be operated in high temperatures without changing the characteristics, appearance.
  • They provide the long burning time necessary for a comfortable temperature during the day, they are as safe as possible to use, you do not have to study hundreds of pages of instructions to understand them.
  • Many of these stoves are relatively inexpensive, if you compare them with other models (they are definitely cheaper than bath stoves).
  • Even if the stove type burzhuyka located in the main room. living room dining room. you can think of a system of exhaust ventilation to get the smell of cooking outside the room.
  • Some models are very attractive from a design point of view. with their help you can support the style of furnishings in the room. Modern stoves are ergonomic, look restrained and laconic, you can choose the color you want (non-marking gray and black are the most popular).

If we carry out a comparison with an ordinary stove (no matter whether it is electric or gas), the stove is significantly superior even to the ceramic glass panel. in addition to the function of cooking, it serves as an autonomous source of heating, which in a private home is especially important. Exactly the fire in the stove is a symbol of happiness and family welfare. In a house with such a stove all your household will be comfortable.

Anyone who wants to equip a cozy corner with a fireplace will also like this stove. if you install it by the wall, and place firewood stoves on one side. It is easy to present it in the interior and just as easy to install. in the center of the room, by the door, in the corner, using protective screens for finishing (about 2-5 m 3 ).

Heating and cooking stoves

If you want to buy a high-quality heating stove with a hob, then you can order it in the Internet-shop of Pechi-TUT.RU. In the catalog you can find models of long combustion, which enjoy well-deserved popularity among buyers. Their main advantage is that they are multifunctional. They are designed both for heating the house and for cooking on burners or in the oven. Are made of cast iron, so they are very strong, durable and reliable.

Recommendations for the location of the garden oven:

The main types of stoves designed for the outdoor area:

DIY wood stove. Ideas to make a wood stove from old plastic bottles

  • wood stove with a hob (convenient and practical for a modest site);
  • oven-mangal (more voluminous design with glowing embers inside and slots for skewers, providing for the placement of a grill for barbecue; some models are equipped with an oven, which is suitable for cooking bakery or stewing dishes);
  • Tandir (for gourmets, aesthetes and adherents of proper nutrition: the design and materials of this kind of garden oven allow you to cook several dishes at a time, here the dishes are not fried, but baked, so that all the benefits of cooked food are preserved);
  • Garden fireplace stove (used for enclosed arbors for the purpose of cooking and simultaneous heating, as well as outdoors to create delicious dishes and admiring the open flame);
  • barbecue stove (a very popular option: suitable for cooking with wood, drying and preserving mushrooms and vegetables).

It is worth considering that to organize a heating system, which is based on a solid fuel boiler, you will need a special room to accommodate the equipment. Not every structure has extra square footage, which is not spared for such manipulations.

Simpler stove constructions for kitchen equipment outside the house are just as popular: cauldrons, easy-build barbecues, stationary grills. There are grill-boxes, smokestacks, barbecue grills, suitable for use on private homes.

Stove for wood-fired cooking

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Fireplace or stove, the so-called family hearth, has been considered from ancient times as a symbol of prosperity, wealth and home comfort. And even nowadays, when in almost every part of the country, both in cities and villages, it is possible to heat your house or apartment with a centralized heating, people quite often decide to buy one for the house. There are a large number of stores stoves and fireplaces, where everyone can choose and place an order for the desired type and decor.

Modern models can serve both for heating the room and purely for aesthetic pleasure as an element of the interior. The crackling of firewood, children playing in front of the fireplace in a specially allocated warm play area. the image of an ideal evening for many people, regardless of their desire and ability to install this design in their home or apartment. And although the heating qualities of the fireplace may be inferior to an ordinary stove, it has no equal in creating a home comfort.

To heater still and bring joy, as in his contemplation, and in cold seasons, should, before ordering, well calculate all the necessary parameters and variables. Approaching the choice wisely and responsibly, you can in the future, after installing, enjoy your purchase, and not eliminate the consequences of an inattentive approach.

At the moment it is quite realistic to install almost any home fireplaces in the Moscow region, you need only determine the purpose of their installation. Subsequently, it is advisable with the help of a qualified specialist to choose the materials and the place of its placement.

Those who wish to install a fireplace in the apartment should consider a few important points:

Check whether the building has a proper chimney;

Calculate whether the floor can withstand the weight of the desired heating device;

wood, stove, cooking

Get permission from the appropriate authorities to build a stove or fireplace.

Ensure fire safety.

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Types of outdoor stoves

Outdoor stoves for garden plots, cottages and country houses are divided into groups depending on the functionality, direct purpose and capabilities of the unit. You can also classify outdoor stoves as one or another group according to their price on the market.


This is the simplest and easiest way to make a stove. All the more, such a design is unpretentious, and almost any material can be used as fuel for it: wood, coal or dry branches collected on or around the plot. Among other features, in addition to versatility in the choice of fuel, note:

  • simple model making;
  • small size;
  • economical construction, since no more than 200-250 bricks are used
  • unpretentious to weather conditions (it can be operated all the time).

Classic stove consists of the following parts

  • foundation. at the very bottom;
  • an ash pan (to be installed after the foundation);
  • chimney;
  • furnace;
  • cooking surface for cooking (mainly it is a metal plate);
  • there is a possibility of installing an additional worktop.

Such a structure is quite bulky, but the dimensions themselves are small. Nevertheless, with such a stove you can cook a variety of food. The average height of a classic stove is no more than 1.5 meters, taking into account the height of the chimney, the size of which varies within 40 centimeters. To ensure a good draft in the construction, this is enough.

The firebox and the ash-pan are located at a height of two or three bricks from the foundation level. The dimensions of such a design are determined according to the purpose of its use, as well as the desired efficiency ratios (efficiencies).

With a cooking surface

The design of an outdoor stove with a metal cooking surface is also very simple and versatile. Basically, it is built on the basis of a pellet stove. The name arose due to the rough and at the same time simple mechanism of construction. It is also called “grubka”. Unpretentiousness and small size are the special features. The peculiarity of such a construction is that a metal plate is used as the cooking surface.

The design may vary in functionality depending on the purpose of use. Similar structures are used only for stewing and normal cooking on a “slow fire”. Also the possibility of cooking on an open hearth is included. In this case, additional holes are made in the stove for this purpose. If this is not necessary, the stove can be a one-piece. When the stove has openings for an open flame, at the time of stewing or cooking, they are closed with special lids.

The parameters of the stove can be varied. It depends on the desired size of the cooking surface. The minimum value for it is 40×40 centimeters. The height of the structure, as a rule, is normalized and varies from 120 to 150 centimeters. Layout of the cooking surface is the same as that of a pellet stove. It must be mounted at a height of 4-5 bricks above the foundation.

With a charcoal grill

Compared with the pellet stove, this model has a very complex design and is used not only for cooking. It is often a multifunctional equipment with a removable cooking surface and smoking chamber. In this regard, the stove has a large size, as it combines several devices. The height depends on the number of selected rows of bricks, which range from 23 to 30 from the level of the poured foundation. Width, as a rule, is not more than one, and length. 1.5 meters.

A distinctive feature of such a construction is the need to install a large and strong foundation, since the weight of the stove is quite huge. Scheme of the stove with a charcoal grill is as follows:

  • An ash pan with flue ducts;
  • A firebox consisting of two chambers, one of which is responsible for diverting excess smoke to the chimney;
  • the chimney itself;
  • if necessary, a cooking surface is installed;
  • brazier;
  • Between the furnace and the ash drawer there is an additional grate.

In a stove with a brazier, you can modify the chimney so that a full-fledged smokehouse comes out of it.

With a barbecue

Such a design is more simple than a stove with a brazier. When building it is required to take into account its features, which significantly complicate the installation process. over the hob it is necessary to install an arch or any other overlap that protects against weather phenomena such as rain, wind, etc. п.

Its dimensions range from an average of 90 centimeters in width and 180 in length. Including the chimney, the height is 160 to 185 centimeters. For the erection, as a rule, use about 27-30 rows of bricks. For constructions where the fire has contact with a brick, chamotte is used, but in the oven with a barbecue chamotte brick is not needed, as a direct interaction with the fire will not. This feature allows you to significantly reduce the cost of production, since fireclay costs a lot of. It is excellent as an outdoor stove for cottages.

Scheme of the oven with a barbecue includes:

  • ash drawer;
  • chimney;
  • A firebox with an extra grate;
  • A place to temporarily place the cooked food;
  • from the chimney, you can also make a smoker, installing there a rod for weighing the products of smoking;
  • an arch is fixed over the chamber.

If desired, you can install another cooking surface, but this will greatly complicate the construction process, as you need to install another chimney.

With an oven

Outdoor cooking stove can also be built with an oven. This is one of the most complex options for building a stove outside, and such work is recommended to be entrusted to professionals rather than installing it yourself. The difficulty lies in the fact that the oven is mounted at the stage of construction of the stove itself. You can also make an oven out of bricks, but in this case it must be equipped with a sealed tight door, which is a difficult task. Then such a design has the right to call the stove with an oven.

Dimensions of such an oven differ depending on what dimensions will have an oven. The parameters of the whole stove can vary. Width of about 1.2 meters, length about 1.6, and the height including the chimney is 2 meters. Such a construction differs from other constructions in that it has no space for cooking on the stove or open fire. The structure is equipped only with a built-in oven.

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