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Brand: Deerma Name: Humidifier Model: DEM-F600 Humidifier Type: Ultrasonic Switch: Touch screen Manufacturer: China Automatic shutdown water pump: Yes Water tank capacity: 5.1-7.0 l Water consumption: 280ml/h Noise level: less than 36dB Power Consumption: 25W Voltage Consumption: 220V Serviced area: 31-40 sq.m.m Weight:1.25kg Dimensions: 208315mm

Overview of the Humidifier Xiaomi Deerma Humidifier White DEM-F600

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During the heating season humidifier for many families has long been a matter of first necessity. Ours is not an exception.

In one room already has a humidifier, it’s time to buy it and in the other.

We use Xiaomi products for many years (smartphone, vacuum cleaner, watch, thermometer, mop, etc.).д.), so it was decided to study the humidifiers of this company before the final choice.

An important point in choosing a humidifier was that the direction of the steam jet can be adjusted. With such an option at Xiaomi were only two humidifiers: Deerma DEM-F600 (this one and Deerma Humidifier White DEM-F500 (similar, but with mechanical control). It was decided to go with the model DEM-600, as I did not like the DEM-500 blue backlighting of the mechanical twist knob, which is not combined by design with the humidifier itself.The other characteristics are as follows:

Adjustment of blowing and humidifying direction: yes

Fan speed/vaporization intensity control: yes

Maximum timer setting time: 12 h

All things considered, the humidifier was a good fit, so we decided to buy it. Ordered for pick-up and picked up the very next day.

Open the box, everything is packed well.

Humidifier in a package, instructions in English and Russian, as well as the warranty card (12 months warranty).

To prevent parts of the humidifier from dangling and falling off during transportation, they are secured with special adhesive tapes. Cover:

Take off all the ribbons and disassemble into component parts.

Note that the lid does not have a filter for softening water, which is present in many other models of competitors, so you need to use water purified, not just from the tap. Otherwise there will be white plaque on furniture from hardness salts (a feature of all ultrasonic humidifiers).

And we take it to fill up with water. At home we have a reverse osmosis filter Aquaphor Morion, which is an excellent water purifier. By the way, bought it in the same online trade Therefore, white stain on the furniture, we do not have, although before buying it often observed.

And while the tank is filled let’s read the manual in Russian

A separate praise online trading for the fact that they sell a global version (with English letters on the body, the European plug), and not the Chinese, as do many other online stores.

The bottom working part of the humidifier is standard. Inside is a float, which is responsible for turning off the device when the water runs out

Underneath, there are filters for coarse air filtration

So. We get enough water in the tank, close the lid and put it back.

Turning on speed 1. And then I was disappointed. Humidifier buzzes like a transformer box at first speed. Emitted sounds pulsating and very annoying.

Also, the sound of pressing the keys is very loud, and you can not turn it off.

At second speed, everything is more or less, there is no pulsating sound, but the humidifier works much louder than the one that we already have in the apartment in another room, namely Ballu UHB-310

On the third speed works briskly, the steam jet is dense

At the time of writing this review, the humidifier I have been using for a month. I will describe the pros and cons:

Buy or not this humidifier is up to you to decide. I personally am a little disappointed with the purchase. This is the first Xiaomi product that I did not like.

What is good about the Deerma Air Humidifier DEM F628

Model DEM F628 refers to the number of ultrasonic humidifiers with the possibility of physical adjustment of the humidifying capacity.

The device has a neat design with high quality ABS plastic. Water is added to the 5 liter tank with a bottom fill. This means you can remove the tank from the base, turn it upside down and then refill the liquid. And there is a special compartment for adding fragrance oils.

Humidifier allows continuous adjustment of the vertical atomizing power, but its direction cannot be adjusted. Once the tank runs out of water, the device switches off automatically, thus ensuring safe operation.


Deerma Humidifier DEM-ST636W is a humidifier in the form of an oval cylinder made of white plastic. You can see the gold trim on the top of the body, which adds a touch of sophistication to the design despite its minimalist design. The device takes up even less space than A4 paper. Thanks to the wireless format of operation and a fairly compact body humidifier can be placed anywhere you want.

On the bottom of the front side of the device there is a display, on each side of which there are 2 control buttons. Screen shows current humidity, battery charge and other useful information. Can be turned off by pressing the power button. A push button allows you to activate a particular operating mode.

Water tank capacity of 4.5 liters. Enough water to continuously humidify the air for 16 hours. Adding water to the tank is easy enough: just open the top lid and pour water inside or remove the tank and fill it directly with tap water.

There is a special compartment for spraying perfume oils. The Deerma Humidifier DEM-ST636W has a sponge filter inside the tank. Must be rinsed regularly with plain water. Activated charcoal filter in the air intake. It prevents hair, dust and other impurities from getting inside. It is recommended to wipe the inside of the appliance with a damp cloth.

Humidifiers Xiaomi

Creating a comfortable atmosphere in the home and, in particular, maintaining the right level of humidity is a prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle. Central heating systems, heaters and underfloor heating systems in city apartments and offices are all negative factors that reduce indoor humidity. The air with low humidity is harmful. It contributes to dry skin, aggravation of chronic respiratory diseases, cough, allergic reactions. Humidifiers are used to prevent these negative processes.

Xiaomi electric humidifiers can be used both in stand-alone mode and in smart home systems. They are effective, affordable and enjoy well-deserved popularity among consumers. Has a good capacity with the ability to blow out water steam 2-3 times per minute, when working does not create a lot of noise, allows you to improve the atmosphere in large areas of treatment.

Model Features

Not to mention the great appearance of this model, which is its distinguishing feature and trademark. The humidifier is especially worth seeing as a piece of furniture, but it can be used for other basic functions, too. Transparent water tank allows you to experiment with the filling. Add bright accessories, fruit, flowers, decorations directly into the humidifier to create a special atmosphere. The humidifier can be used to fragrance the air by adding various oils to the water.

Seamless connection between the tank and the base by ultrasonic welding, which ensures a secure bond and prevents leaks. The steam outlet is cone-shaped and widens out at the top, which gives a powerful flow that is very quickly and evenly distributed in the room.

Operation is very simple, with only one button and two modes for both standard and intensive humidification. The first mode is suitable for daily use and the second mode is suitable when it is necessary to intensively humidify overdried air, such as after the operation of electric appliances.

Увлажнитель воздуха Deerma Humidifier DEM-F628S с ультрафиолетовой стерилизацией

The tank capacity of the humidifier DEERMA DEM-F323W is 5 liters, and it is enough for a whole day of continuous operation, and when the water runs out, the humidifier stops on its own.

With the ultrasonic dispersion system the water stream splits into tiny particles up to 1-5 microns, which do not feel on the skin and leave marks on the furniture, but fill the air with life-giving moisture.

This model not only humidifies the air but also protects it from dust. Special antidust filter, which is installed in the hole for air intake, detains particles of dust and dirt and does not let them get into the tank and into the air.

Humidifier Xiaomi Deerma Air Humidifier 5L DEM-F600

Humidifier Xiaomi Deerma Air Humidifier 5L DEM-F600. designed to increase humidity levels in the room. It has a large water tank and is recommended for rooms up to 40 square meters. Three humidification modes, delayed start, a quiet night mode and convenient operation.

The water tank of the Deerma Air Humidifier is made of plastic with antibacterial properties. Suppresses the growth of bacteria and microorganisms in the water. Effectiveness of bacteria suppression has been confirmed by a quality certificate.

Optionally you can purchase a container with silver ions, which improves the properties of water on four fronts. softens water and prevents the formation of plaque, destroys bacteria and absorbs odors.

The humidifier has a special container for adding essential oils. Add aromatic oils to revitalize the atmosphere in the house, increase efficiency or relaxation.

Air entering the humidifier passes through carbon filters, which not only humidifies the room, but also purifies it.

Water tank has a capacity of 5 liters. Depending on the mode you select it enough for a period of 15 hours to 24 hours.

You can select one of three degrees of humidification from the touch button on the front of the humidifier.

Deerma Air Humidifier supports delayed start and night mode, which turns off the backlight on the display.

When the humidifier is turned on, it measures the ambient temperature and displays it on the LED display. You can always monitor the air temperature in real time.

You can get out and fill the container with the carrying handle hidden under the top lid.

Humidifier Xiaomi Deerma Water Humidifier DEM-F600 Black (Black)

Smart and multifunctional Xiaomi Deerma Water Humidifier DEM-F600 has three operating modes and a large touchscreen display for easy operation. Device has real-time temperature monitoring function. Humidifier has an additional tank with silver ions, which suppresses the growth of over 99% of bacteria, removes plaque, improves water properties and absorbs impurities.

High efficiency and safety

Dehumidifier removes odors and softens water making it absolutely safe for humans. At the same time the device effectively humidifies the air, coping with its main function even in the driest rooms. Safety of the humidifier is confirmed by all required quality certificates.

Three humidification modes

The device has three modes of operation: for spring and summer, for use with air conditioner, for dry winter. During operation, the user can select one of three modes of operation, depending on the level of humidity, room parameters and their own needs.

Tank for 5 liters of water

The water tank capacity is 5 liters. With an average flow rate of 340 milliliters of water per hour, this is enough for 15 hours of continuous operation.

Convenient operation

Touch screen display makes the device easy to operate. A few clicks are enough to adjust the desired settings.

Night mode

Night mode can be selected for comfort sleep. After which the display of the device goes out and the device maintains the set humidity throughout the night. You can also set the timer to switch the humidifier on automatically for up to 12 hours.

Activated carbon for air purification

The air intake vents have activated carbon filter elements that trap the dust and dirt in the air. So it not only humidifies, but also purifies the air, making it cleaner and fresher.

Concealed handle for comfortable filling of the tank

When the tank runs out of water, it can be easily pulled out with a hidden handle.

Xiaomi Deerma Water Humidifier

Xiaomi Deerma Water Humidifier not only successfully copes with its direct function, but also actively combats allergens, removes unpleasant odors and softens water, making it absolutely safe for humans. According to laboratory tests, the device effectively suppresses the spread of more than 99.9% of bacteria. A separate ionizer bowl takes care of four tasks at once: gets rid of microbes, breaks down impurities, removes scale and improves water quality.

Three humidification modes

The humidifier functions in three modes, choose the most comfortable for spring or summer, for dry winter or when used simultaneously with the air conditioner. With just one touch of the power button, you can set the ideal mode, focusing on the microclimate in the room.

Touch screen display

Large touch screen display makes it easy to control. The control panel reacts instantly to touch and transmits commands to execute, and the backlight is soft and flicker-free. Just a couple of taps on the display is enough to create the optimal humidity level even in the driest room.

Automatic humidity control

Doctors recommend that the humidity in the room should be 40-60%. It’s a comfortable setting that reduces dust and bacteria buildup. The Xiaomi humidifier is able to control the air and maintain a stable humidity level. Meanwhile, smart, ultra-sensitive sensors detect the slightest temperature contrast, giving you more data about the room’s changing climate.

Charcoal for air filters

Air intake holes of the humidifier have activated carbon filter elements, which prevent the ingress of dust and dirt in the air environment. As a result, clean air is saturated with moisture and supplied into the room. With filters, the Deerma humidifier removes ozone and a wide range of other harmful volatile compounds, making the air cleaner and fresher. Studies show that activated carbon-based filters contribute to a healthier indoor atmosphere. Filters can be cleaned and reused.

Night mode

At night, a slightly higher humidity level than usual is necessary for a comfortable and healthy sleep. Night mode is an automatic 60% RH setting that can be maintained at night by the humidifier. The lights go out when it’s turned on, so it doesn’t disturb even the most sensitive person’s sleep. You can activate the timer for 12 hours to switch the unit on automatically.

Large tank

The Xiaomi humidifier has a tank made of durable and anti-bacterial ABS plastic, which reliably prevents the spread of more than 99.9% of bacteria. Even at 340 ml per hour, the full capacity is enough for 15 hours. To fill the tank, it is enough to pull out the tank with a hidden handle.

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