Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner 1s setup

Comparison with a competitor

Let’s compare the technical characteristics of robots Vacuum Cleaner 1s vs Vacuum Cleaner.

Main settings Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1s Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Dimensions 35×35×9.6 cm 34.4 × 34.5 × 9.6 cm
Weight 3.8 kg 3.8 kg
Battery capacity Li-Ion, 5200 mAh Li-Ion, 5200 mAh
Cleaning type Dry Dry
Time of continuous work Up to 2.5 hours Up to 2.5 hours
Charging time Up to 6 hours 3 hours
Charger Automatically Automatically
Cleaning area Up to 250 m2 Up to 250 m2
Suction power 2000 Pa 1800 Pa
Dust container volume 420 ml 420 ml
water tank Not Not
Obstacle Height 2 cm 1.8 cm
Programming Yes Yes
Cartography and navigation Yes Yes
Laser rangefinder Yes Yes
Movement limiter Yes Yes
Smartphone control Yes Yes
Remote controller Not Not
average price 22,000–27,000 17 000

The previously released model is not much different from the new one. However, with a small difference in price, the Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1s vacuum cleaner has such parameters as increased power, long operation, low noise level.

Synchronization with phone

The device is controlled through the Mi Home application, which can be freely downloaded from the online store. Wi-Fi connection is a prerequisite. On the front surface of the case is a wireless network status indicator. If it blinks slowly, it is waiting for a Wi-Fi connection. Fast blinking is already in the process of connection, and a constant glow indicates the connection has been made.

You can control the device through the application or by pressing the power button.

Xiaomi Mi Robot setup without app

You are required to allow the device to charge, check the battery status and prepare the apartment.

  • We take the base out of the box and connect it to the mains. The Chinese took care of the aesthetics, so they made a niche for the wire in the base so that it would not roll on the floor.
  • We arrange the base in such a way that there is free space around it: half a meter on the sides, a meter in front. Personally, I have a base under a small table and the vacuum cleaner easily climbs under it, ignoring the official requirements. Experiment.
  • Next, connect the vacuum cleaner to the base. Depending on the version, the contacts are located in different places on the case. If everything is in order, you will notice the light indication from above. Ready!

Speaking about how to set up a robot vacuum cleaner on your own, we must not forget about preparing an apartment. Make sure there are no wires strewn across the floor that could tangle or break the device. Remove fringed rugs and make sure pets don’t leave anything on the floor. The traces of their vital activity smeared during cleaning are an extremely unpleasant sight.

Your new assistant is equipped with height sensors, so he is not afraid of any stairs. The main thing is that the sensors are clean. You can also start the device on some table, if you are suddenly too lazy to wipe it yourself with a cloth.

How to Connect Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner to Smartphone?

This connection and setup manual for Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners is suitable for most models of the manufacturer. How to connect the device to a smartphone and make its operation even easier, we will tell you on the example of the popular Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner robot vacuum cleaner.

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Download and install the MI HOME program using the Play Market Application Store;

On the smartphone you need to enable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, and the vacuum cleaner is pre-charge;

  • After a successful connection, in the menu that appears, you must specify the name and password of the Wi-Fi network;
  • Upon completion of the synchronization of devices, the vacuum cleaner is reflected on the main desktop of the application;
  • After connecting to a smartphone, the Mi Home application offers to read the manual for using the robot vacuum cleaner, offering to watch videos:
  • In the application, you can mark the main tasks for a smart vacuum cleaner (Clean cleaning or self-moving to the Dock base, if you need more functions, then you should go to the “Settings” of the gadget (three horizontal dots in the upper right corner).

Paragraph Planned cleaning responsible for setting up timer and automatic cleaning on the specified day and hour.

Paragraph Cleaning mode allows you to select one of four cleaning modes. They are displayed in order of increasing power: from night to the most powerful and noisy full speed. When you connect the vacuum cleaner for the first time, the cleaning mode is set to Balanced default.

Установка русского языка на робот пылесос Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner 1S

Paragraph Care reflects the degree of wear of the components of the vacuum cleaner. Paragraph Remote control turns a robot vacuum cleaner into a remote-controlled car. Here the device can deviate from the planned route and remove a certain section.

How to add to homey

Check out the guide to add your Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to the Homey app.

  • Open Homey. Select “Devices” from the tab bar below.
  • Find your robot brand. Touch the [] symbol in the upper right corner, find your brand and click on the logo.
  • Find your brand device. When you find the device you want to add, tap its icon. A dialog box will appear confirming your action. Tap “Install”.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. Each device has its own method of adding to the Homey app.

Small but important apartment preparation

To avoid problems during the cleaning process, it is better to spend a few minutes preparing the rooms a little:

  • Remove all wires that Mi Robot can get tangled in from the floor.
  • The vacuum cleaner can suck up small things, so they also need to be removed.
  • Areas that the vacuum cleaner cannot enter must be limited with magnetic tapes (purchased separately). Of course, you can place any physical barriers, but this is irrational.
  • Be sure to limit the access of the vacuum cleaner to steps from which it can fall and break.

Battery Life

The built-in 5200 mAh rechargeable battery is responsible for autonomy, which is fully charged within 240-300 minutes. As soon as the battery level reaches a critical value, how Mijia Robot 1S will go to the base for charging on its own. Upon completion of the process, it will automatically return to the place of cleaning.

One charge is enough to clean a room up to 250 m2 or operate for 2.5 hours.

Preparatory actions

Preparatory work is carried out before connecting the device to Wi-Fi. It is necessary to correctly position the base of the vacuum cleaner, then charge the robot. The docking station is installed based on the following conditions:

  • Proper installation of the docking station. The back of the device is leaning against the wall. There should be at least a meter of free space in front of it, and at least 50 cm on the sides. After connecting the station to the network, hide the extra cable in the back of the charger by winding it around the coil.
  • Check Wi-Fi signal strength. The location of the charger must have a reliable reception of wireless communication, without sudden changes in amplitude. Also protect the device from direct sunlight.
  • Border marking. To limit the movement of the vacuum cleaner, a “virtual wall” is used. Xiaomi Virtual Wall. This is a magnetic tape, if you stick it on the floor, the robot will detect it as a wall and will not go beyond the specified border. The tape can be used for additional insurance of the vacuum cleaner, placing it near the edge of the stairs.

After installing the station, charge the vacuum cleaner. To do this, turn on the robot by pressing and holding the corresponding button. There are 4 options for the “response” of the device:

  • The LED oval around the “Power” and “Home” buttons turned white. This means that the vacuum cleaner is more than half charged.
  • The oval glows yellow. The percentage of charge is less than 50, but more than 20.
  • Red light. Battery is less than 20% charged.
  • The vacuum cleaner does not turn on. Indicates that the battery is completely discharged. Put the robot on charge.

After installing the docking station and charging the vacuum cleaner battery, proceed to connecting to Wi-Fi network.

Russian language firmware for Xiaomi Vacuum cleaner 1S

1 Download and install the modified MiHome Vevs application.

2 Log in to the application using your credentials from the original MiHome from the Playmarket or AppStore, or create a new account if it does not already exist.

3 If you have already added a vacuum cleaner in the original application, go to step 5.

4 If you are using a new account, add the vacuum cleaner to the application (reset wi-fi settings first by holding 2 buttons on the top panel at the same time).

Робот пылесос Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S (Xiaomi MiJia 1S)

5 Download the modified plugin in the FILES section of the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner 1S robot

6 Copy the unpacked contents of the file with replacement to the internal folder 1001012/XXXXXX/ (XXXXXX. folder name (may change). If there are difficulties with replacing a plugin, read the article about replacing plugins.

7 We restart the application, for this we unload it from the phone’s memory and start it again (if this moment causes difficulties, just restart the phone)

8 In the settings of the vacuum cleaner robot, select the Russian voice package.

After that, a Russian voice package will be downloaded into the vacuum cleaner (it is the only one for this model, it will not be possible to install other voice acting options. a feature of the third generation firmware)

1 Download and install the XVacuumFirmware program on your smartphone.

2 Download the Russian voice package in the FILES section in the card of your robot vacuum cleaner model, Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner 1S or Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

3 We hold down two buttons on the vacuum cleaner at the same time on the top panel for a few seconds until the phrase about resetting Wi-Fi settings sounds (most likely it will be in Chinese).

4 Open the Wi-Fi settings of the smartphone and find the network that the robot vacuum cleaner distributes will be called approximately rockrobo-vacuum, connect to it.

РОБОТ-ПЫЛЕСОС в 2021: выбор ВНЯТНЫЙ ОБЗОР Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S

5 Now run the Xvacuum Firmware program, select Flash Sound.

6 Select the voice package that was previously extracted from the archive on the phone.

7 We are waiting for the installation process to complete. at the end of the firmware there will be a Done command!

8 After that, you can disconnect from the wi-fi network of the vacuum cleaner and check the correctness of the firmware by pressing the cleaning button or open the lid and take out the compartment with the dust collector.

9 Adding a vacuum cleaner to MiHome, if you have difficulty with this, read the corresponding article.

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