Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner stops during operation

FAQ for Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners

Error 1. Stuck laser distance sensor. Reconnect the laser head, remove the stuck object or obstacle.

Error 2. The shock absorber is stuck. Try cleaning the anti-shock buffer, and lightly tap it to eliminate the interference.

Error 3. Wheel is hanging up, not touching the floor. Move unit to a flat surface.

Error 4. Failure sensor has tripped. Gently wipe down the sensor and reactivate the machine by placing it on an empty, level floor.

Error 5. There is a foreign object stuck in the cleaning brush. Disconnect the main brush and clean the bristles and axles.

Error 6. There is a foreign object stuck in the side brush. Side brush needs to be disassembled and clean.

Error 7. Main wheel is blocked by foreign object. Clean main wheel and reactivate unit.

Error 8. Possibly a foreign object got stuck in the side brush. Clear obstructions around the machine.

Error 9. Trash can or filter not installed correctly. Check for proper installation, if the problem persists replace the filter.

Error 10. Filter problem. Try cleaning it, if it doesn’t help replace it.

Error 11. Device is turned on too close to the virtual wall. Restart the device 1-2 meters away from the virtual wall

Error 12. Low battery. Charge it.

Error 13. Not charging. Gently wipe the docking station coil and charging contacts of the vacuum cleaner with a cloth.

Error 14. Battery has overheated. Wait until it cools down and check if it needs replacing.

Error 15. Wall sensor is clogged. Gently wipe the wall sensor.

Error 16. Device is tilted. Place on a flat, horizontal surface.

Error 17. Side brush module has a problem. Reboot the machine.

Error 18. Vacuum suction fan has a problem. Restart the device.

Error 19. No power to the charging dock. Check if it is plugged in and clean the contacts on the station and the vacuum cleaner.

An internal error has occurred. Reset the device.

Note. Resetting the robot vacuum cleaner only solves certain problems. For a number of problems, just restart the unit in a different place in the room, necessarily a level place.

Popular Problems and Solutions

Vacuum cleaning robot does not turn on. May be low battery, place on charge.

Docking station does not charge. Check the power cord and contact surfaces of the docking station and device.

Charging dock does not charge the vacuum cleaner. Move the main unit to a freer location in the room.

Noises are coming from the smart vacuum cleaner during cleaning. Turn it off and clean all counters (main and side).

Robot vacuum cleaner not cleaning properly, leaves dust behind. The dust bag or filter may be full, clean it. Or there may be debris or foreign objects tangled in the main counter.

Machine not connecting to Wi-Fi network. Make sure the connection is made through 2.4 GHz and enough signal power.

Scheduled cleaning not performed. Probably battery is less than 20%, charge it.

Do you need to charge the vacuum the first 16 hours? No, lithium batteries with no memory effect. Boldly recharge as needed.

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner does not connect to WI-FI

Solve the problem of connecting the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi through the Mi Home app. Usually there is an error Bring phone close to the router. (mains connection timeout expired).

If Connected and Message sent to the device is successful, and a red cross appears next to the inscription Time to connect to the network has expired.

  • If a particular model of Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner was released for the Chinese market (it can be understood from the inscriptions on the box and the device itself, all in Chinese), then adding it to the application is very difficult. The problem is solved by changing the region in the application to China. (try it). But it does not always work. There is some information that the phone should be set to Chinese timezone in this case. If all subtitles are in English for European countries (enter one of the European countries in the settings). If all subtitles are in Russian, it means the Russian region.
  • Make sure that when you set up the robot vacuum cleaner, you correctly enter the password for the Wi-Fi network you want the vacuum cleaner to connect to.
  • Your phone should have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.
  • While setting up, place the vacuum cleaner and the phone (from which you are setting up) near the router (with the Wi-Fi network to which you will connect the robot vacuum cleaner).
  • If it didn’t work the first time, try again. Probably the problem is on the side of Xiaomi servers.
  • Tip from the Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Turn on all permissions in the app settings.

Note! Robots only work on 2.4 GHz frequency. Therefore, it will not be able to connect to Wi-Fi routers operating in a different band.

Change the region

One of the main reasons for the error is the incompatibility of regions. For example, you bought a Chinese version of the vacuum cleaner, but the Mi Home app is configured for the Russian region or vice versa. In this case, you need to change the region to China or mainland China: Settings Language and Region.

It also helps to change the time zone to Chinese try.

Nuances of connection on iOS

Apart from the store from which you need to download the Mi Home app, there are no differences in configuration. But there is one problem that occurs only on the iPhone and iPad: the device does not see the vacuum cleaner when you install any region except India and China. To change this, you need to:

  • Select India or China.
  • Open the Mi Home app;
  • Select Profile on the bottom menu, or Profiles in English;
  • Select Region;
  • Find Settings or Preferences;

You should try India first: in this case there will be fewer functional limitations.

Using the modified Mi Home app

The standard application Mi Home from Xiaomi often either does not detect the device, or gives an error about the incompatibility with a particular region. Smart people from thematic forums solved this problem a long time ago by modifying the program try to connect the vacuum cleaner through it. The author of the modification is user vevs and you can download the mod here.

  • Download your own version of the program Mi Home. You can find it on 4PDA.
  • Log in to your account in the China region.
  • Connect your robot.
  • Go to its settings and look for the plugin control. An error message will appear. It is normal.
  • Download the plugin without blocking the region.
  • Go to explorer: internal memory/plugin/install/mpk/615.
  • Write down the file name.
  • Rename the downloaded plugin so that the names match.
  • Copy the new plugin into the folder 615 with the replacement.

If everything was done correctly, the restriction will disappear and the robot will connect to any region. To save the installed plug-in, it is recommended to disable the automatic update in the vacuum cleaner’s settings through the app.

Restore the factory settings of the vacuum cleaner

First try simply resetting the vacuum cleaner, if that does not help, restore the factory settings. All data will be restored to default values.

Error correction on Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner

Different versions differ in the type of navigation system, the presence or absence of wet cleaning. For this reason, malfunctions that occur during use can vary. For example, the error in the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner is typical only for some models.

Due to similar design features of the filter part, Xiaomi vacuum cleaner error 0 can occur in any brand model. Timely replacement of consumables will prevent the occurrence of some malfunctions, will extend the life of the device. Improper care and worn consumables can cause the device to break down. In this case, the error 18 Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner often occurs, due to which the device may need to be repaired in the service center.

How to reset your device?

There is a Reset button on the case, press it for a few seconds. The robot will automatically reset the system, including sync settings, network, cleaning mode. Then you need to reconnect the vacuum cleaner to the Wi-Fi network via Mi Home using your smartphone.

What to do if you cannot reset?

Press Home and Reset buttons simultaneously, until the robot beeps a forced reset.

How to repair the cleaning robot yourself

If your robot vacuum cleaner discharges quickly, picks up garbage poorly, does not move according to the program, does not respond to the remote control, does not enter the base, beeps or otherwise misbehaves, read this article. Here are the main types of problems in most models and how to fix most of the problems with your own hands.

Instructions are suitable for all makes and models: Irobot Scooba, Philips, Kitfort. Xiaomi, Polaris, Samsung, Clatronic bsr, Clever, Deebot, Dolphin, Foxcleaner, Frezerr, Genio profi, Panda, LG, Iclebo Smart, Ilife, Redmond, Irobot Roomba, Rovus, Seebest. Smart cleaner etc.

The main errors of robot-vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi

Although the appliances from Xiaomi have a good level of quality and build, they can also sometimes malfunction. If you are not an expert, when you see a number error on the screen of your robot vacuum cleaner, you will be puzzled. What to do? Readily fix it yourself, or go straight to the service center? We have prepared a simple and clear guide to help you find your way through the error codes. At the same time let us acquaint you with the requirements for the operation and care of these devices, popular all over the world.

Features and nuances of the series and models

Electronic devices for room cleaning from Xiaomi is not one but several lines. They differ in price, functionality, complexity. Therefore, some errors are typical not for all equipment brand, but only for specific models. For example, if you see an error on the screen, then you have a device equipped with LiDAR, but other models simply do not have this problem.

Since under the wing of Xiaomi works a lot of brands, then each line represents the work of a separate company-company. There are three in total: Mijia, Roborock and Viomi. Within these three areas, both budget robotic vacuum cleaners and mid-range and premium models are produced. Of course, they differ in features and functionality.

Some errors are common to all of them. How, for example, it is related to the work of air filtration systems. Another common problem is number 18. It occurs to owners of equipment who are not willing to perform regular maintenance. The cause of wear and tear of consumables. If you do not want to overpay for a more expensive repair, it is better to change them in time, and do not forget about cleaning of filters and debris removal from the tank.

The most popular errors and how to deal with them

To avoid basic problems during operation, it is enough to change filters and brushes in time, remove dust from the sensors. But it is not always immediately clear what to do in a particular situation. For example, if the lidar began to malfunction or the device refuses to charge. So we made a selection in which all errors are described in order:

  • As mentioned above, it is a failure of the laser rangefinder. The same as in iPhones. The reasons can be different. From trivial dust, to a software glitch that can be solved by reconnecting the lidar. Also, it can fail if there is an obstacle or if the vacuum cleaner got in a confined space.
  • Problems with the sensor inside the spring loaded bumper. Usually it is enough to remove the dirt and push the bumper a few times. Move the robot to another location. This is usually enough to get the system to work properly.
  • The third error occurs when one of the wheels of the device loses contact with the surface. Just pick up the vacuum cleaner and place it on any flat spot. Make sure it is stable and restart the cleaning program.
  • The next error is due to a faulty or dirty sensor that determines the height. precisely, its gradients. By the way, if there are steps leading down in the room to be cleaned, it is worth fencing them in advance to avoid problems. Also look at the bottom of the unit. Make sure the sensors installed there are not contaminated.
  • The next common mistake is with vacuum cleaners used by dog and cat owners. Wool gets caught in the brush mechanism, wrapped around the extractor or axle. We have to open the case and remove hair and hair.
  • Number six is closely related to number five. If the end brush mechanism has a lot of hair, threads or other people’s hair on it, it will not work properly until you clean it.
  • Under number seven, we have a foreign object blocking the drive wheel. Resolved by cleaning the rollers and restarting the unit.
  • If the robot vacuum cleaner is stuck somewhere, or tangled in a cable or something else, it will give out an error. Therefore, all wires should be securely attached to or inside the baseboards.
  • The next type of problem is the wrong filter or trash can / lack of them.
  • If the filter is clogged or wet, or has long hair or hair in it, the vacuum cleaner may signal a problem. Fix error 10 by drying, cleaning or replacing filter element.
  • The following error occurs when the unit is turned on too close to the limiting strip or virtual wall. Simply move the vacuum cleaner to an open area and repeat the procedure.
  • The twelfth error means the battery is low, requiring immediate recharging in the docking station.
  • Thirteenth error Failure during recharging. Usually resolved by removing moisture or dust from the contact pads. Continue charging the device. If cleaner keeps signaling a problem, take it to a service center.
  • This error is due to overheating or malfunction of the battery. Similar problems also occur in sub-zero temperatures. If the battery overheats, you just need to wait. If freezing, do not operate in temperatures below the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • If the sensors are clogged, the robot may not measure the distance to vertical surfaces correctly. Keep all sensors clean to avoid error 5.
  • The following failure means that the vacuum cleaner ran over some bump, causing it to be in an inclined position. It’s easy to fix. Simply put it somewhere else, making sure the housing is perpendicular to the surface.
  • Sometimes this error may appear on the screen, which means that the module that controls the operation of the end brushes has stopped working properly. There are two ways to fix it: reset the unit or reset the software to factory settings. It’s essentially the same as with a smartphone.
  • The next error means that the problem is with the fan. If it’s working properly, the problem can be solved by restarting it.
  • The nineteenth error indicates that the robot’s charging base has stopped getting power. The drill is simple: wipe down the terminals. Check the wire. Make sure the outlet is serviceable.
  • Internal software error can also be fixed by rebooting the device. If it doesn’t go away even after you reset it, you should call in a specialist.

Speaking of resetting. It’s often needed for lidar malfunctions. However, sometimes the problem concerns the board or requires re-flashing. Of course, it can only be solved in a specialized center. There will carry out a diagnosis and find out the reasons.

Widespread malfunctions, their causes, troubleshooting

  • We have collected the top of the most common technical problems with the company’s robot vacuum cleaners Xiaomi. Perhaps our recommendations will help you deal with the problem more quickly, without damaging the device:
  • Vacuum cleaner stopped turning on. You may have been using it under conditions that were not what it was supposed to be used for. That is, in rooms where the temperature can drop below zero or rise above 40°C (e.g., in work halls, etc.).д.). Another possibility is a full discharge of the battery or a problem with the power.
  • Nothing happens when I try to charge the robot through the regular docking station. You set the vacuum cleaner on the base, but nothing happens. The reason may be the lack of voltage in the network or mismatch between the terminals of the robot and the pads at the base station.
  • The robot vacuum cleaner is moving strangely instead of following a clear route. Try to turn the unit off and restart the cleaning cycle.
  • Vacuum cannot return to recharge base by itself. There may be some obstacle preventing the robot from freely reaching the docking station. Make room by removing likely obstructions to movement. You can simply move the machine closer and check to see if there is contact.
  • Wheel fault. Debris may have wrapped around the chassis or the mechanics may have malfunctioned. If it is a matter of threads and hair, cleaning the mechanism is sufficient. If it breaks, call for repair.
  • Debris falls out of the vacuum cleaner and it does not remove dust from surfaces well. Check the dust bag and HEPA filter. Make sure there are no foreign objects inside the turbo brush.
  • During operation you hear strange noises, not characteristic for the device. This is usually due to something wrapped around the brushes. Remove this junk and restart the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner.
  • You have set a start schedule, but the program is not running. This is usually due to the battery level dropping to 20% or less. In this case, simply send the device to recharge. After the battery charge is restored, you can continue cleaning.
  • You are using too much water when wet cleaning. Usually there can be two reasons: wrong settings in the application or the water tank lid malfunction.
  • The device does not see Wi-Fi. The problem could be software, distance from the connection area, or the presence of radio interference sources. First, update the Xiaomi mobile app. Then, if nothing has changed, reset the device to factory settings.

Another question that often interest buyers of Xiaomi home cleaning appliances concerns battery charging cycles. Unlike rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, lithium batteries do not have a constant charge charge charge.н. memory effect. Therefore, recharge it when the level falls below the required level or when the appendix shows error 2.

Скрипит/хрустит робот пылесос Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Выясняем проблему и устраняем её.

Top tips for use and care

We’ve listed all the major errors and typical malfunctions common to most models. But preventing them is just as important. There are a few general recommendations that are sure to be helpful to all users. Doing so will save you time and money and also reduce the risk of an error occurring:

Also, do not use it outdoors, in unheated areas, or in high temperatures. Also, do not use it to clean warehouses, factory halls, etc.д. This appliance is optimized for use in the home or apartment. Also, no steps, no terraces without edges where the robot can fall and no unevenness.

No wires, no cables should be in the way. Check that all possible obstacles have been removed. Make sure the vacuum cleaner can return to its base. Do not block it.

Make sure children and pets don’t come in contact with the vacuum cleaner. They may see it as a toy and even sit on top of it. This can lead to breakdowns.

Also, keep the brush cleaning tool in a safe place. It can easily injure infants and your pets. Also exclude the use by persons suffering from mental illness.

The fan also needs to be protected. It is important to keep small objects or things like socks out of it. Make sure there is nothing on the floor before you start cleaning. For example, parts from a child’s construction kit. Do not use the vacuum to pick up broken glass. There is a danger of serious damage to the mechanism.

The easiest way to avoid a malfunction is to follow the instructions exactly. If problems occur that cannot be corrected by cleaning or resetting, contact a service center immediately. Not just any, but certified, which has competent professionals and original accessories, consumables for robotic vacuum cleaners Xiaomi.

If you do not want to bother with the features of software from Xiaomi, you can always find an interesting alternative from other manufacturers. For example, the iPlus X700 proved to be very popular. The original Japanese equipment is suitable for both dry and wet cleaning. Characterized by ease of operation, reliability and effective navigation. It does not require complex manual adjustment, as analogues from the Chinese brand. In Russia there are quite a few official services that deal with the maintenance of such devices.

Vacuum cleaning robots

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It is not working

From unwillingness to work on the carpet of a certain color, to complete disregard for the buttons and the clinical death of the device.

Robot vacuum cleaner does not turn on with buttons or app on your smartphone. Who’s to blame and how to fix it? Most likely the problem is a completely discharged battery. Try to install the device on the base, making sure that the base is plugged into the outlet, or plug the charger into the socket on the body, then wait at least half an hour and repeat your attempts to revive.

Robot vacuum does not respond to the remote control and does not start. Replace the batteries inside the remote control, as trivial as it may sound.

iClebo may malfunction or even bounce on the carpet. Such behavior indicates a defective rubber squeegee or damage to it. Turn the unit over and carefully inspect the squeegee. If it’s damaged or dried out, replacing it will help.

Robot dry vacuum cleaner accidentally sucked water. An unpleasant situation in which you need to immediately:

  • turn off the power;
  • Pull out the waste container and dry it out;
  • Inspect the brushes and wheels for wet and sticky debris, clean everything thoroughly;
  • Dry the device. If the warranty is out and you are friendly with a screwdriver, we recommend opening the case and drying the electronics board, all connectors.

Troubleshooting a robot vacuum cleaner

Like any device, robot vacuums can malfunction. Some malfunctions can be repaired by yourself. For serious failures there is a warranty period, service centers or repair shops.

Vacuum does not charge

If the robot doesn’t receive power when returning to the base, the problem could be in the docking station’s power connection.

  • If the robot is old (3-5 years old) and the battery has 200-600 cycles, it’s time to buy a new one.
  • Check the power cord and plug connection for voltage.
  • Check the contact pad, perhaps dirt or a lump of dust got into it.

The unit cannot find the charging station

The cleaner and charging base are nothing more than a transmitter and a receiver, with the former oriented towards the latter in terms of signal strength.

If for some reason the signal is weak or missing, the unit can’t track the base.

The most common reason is that the user forgets to remove the protective film from the infrared sensors located in the base.

Foil creates additional interference with the signal, and the robot will only be able to see the station from a short distance. The same situation occurs when the bumper of the vacuum cleaner is covered with a thick layer of dust.

Robot vacuum cleaner does not detect the charging station

The second reason is the complete absence of a dialogue between the base and the device, when there is no signal on one of the devices.

Often it is a breakage of the power cord of the charging station or mechanical damage of its body, which can be determined by visual inspection.

Most models of robot vacuum cleaners assume that the beginning of work will start from the place where the base is.

So, they memorize the coordinates of the point to which they need to return. If the device is not located in the base and start area it may not see it at the end of the job.

xiaomi, robot, vacuum, cleaner, stops

For many types of stations, it is recommended to remove objects from the sides of the station at least half a meter away.

Robot vacuum cleaner stops during operation

Sudden stopping of the robot vacuum cleaner while cleaning is caused by the following factors:

You can easily fix this problem yourself. If the vacuum cleaner moves backwards, you need to disconnect the front wheel and clean it.

Note: sometimes robot vacuum cleaners have problems moving around on a black floor. This does not apply to cracks and is a feature of automatic machines.

The brushes on the robot vacuum cleaner do not spin

Almost all robot vacuum cleaner models have two or one brush mounted on the bottom. They help remove dust and debris from corners and other hard-to-reach places. Some devices are equipped with a turbo brush for more effective cleaning. often than not, robot vacuum cleaner brushes do not rotate because they are severely clogged with dirt or pet hair.

Обзор-отзыв владельца Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum MOP P STYJ02YM спустя 8 месяцев эксплуатации

Such a problem can easily be solved by cleaning the parts. You need to clean them periodically. During cleaning, hair and dandruff are constantly wrapped around the brushes. Just gently detach the brushes to remove the dirt. There may be interference with the brushes after installation. This means that they have not been properly protected. You will need to disconnect the brushes from the robot vacuum cleaner again and install them properly.

However, the banal cleaning of pet hair and dander does not always help. If the part has been thoroughly cleaned and properly installed but still does not start when you turn it on, the problem is more serious. In this case, the problem lies in the brush motor. It is difficult to fix this on your own. If the robot vacuum cleaner is malfunctioning, it is recommended to contact a qualified professional.

Robot vacuum cleaner does not turn on

The cause of the problem when the device does not start when you press the button is probably a lack of battery power. This is the most common variant, with which owners of miracle machines turn to service centers.

  • Turn off the power and remove the battery from the device.
  • Remove dust container, clean off dirt and wipe dry.
  • Remove all filters and dry them thoroughly.
  • Remove hair, dander and dust from the wheels and inside of the unit, wipe with a dry cloth and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Replace the filters and battery pack and restart the device.

No suction of debris

  • Overfilled dust container. This situation can lead to overheating of the unit and complete loss of functionality. We recommend cleaning the dust container after each cleaning. Timely cleaning of the robot vacuum cleaner will protect the technique from failure and will not allow the appearance of fungi, mold, unpleasant odors and harmful microorganisms.
  • Dirty brushes. Simply clean them.
  • One or more brushes are mechanically damaged. Must be replaced, quality gluing is not possible.
  • Engine failure (burned out). This problem is quite rare, but possible. It is not advisable to fix it at home. It is better to entrust this work to professionals.

Why the robot vacuum cleaner beeps

It’s not uncommon for smart device users to experience strange noises during operation. There could be many reasons for this. Some problems can be solved by the user.

If the robot vacuum makes a beeping sound while charging, the first thing to do is to check if the battery and charger are working properly:

  • Make sure the outlet works with another device.
  • You should only use original accessories from the manufacturer so that there are no problems with your gadget.

Как разобрать Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner инструкция How to disassemble vacuum Cleaner

If the problem persists, call your service center for assistance.

But strange noises can occur not only during charging. Sometimes the robot vacuum stops and beeps. Such a problem may mean that the battery has failed. The device is discharging and emits a corresponding beep. You can replace the battery yourself, but it is better to seek help from professionals.

If the robot vacuum cleaner starts running and almost immediately stops, rewinds and shuts off, the problem may be more than just the battery. One of the sensors is most likely faulty. This also signals a problem with the electronic control board. Only diagnostics at a service center will indicate the exact problem.

Sometimes the robot vacuum cleaner beeps if it gets tangled in wires. Just help it untangle itself for the technique to continue to clean itself.

The display or LED indicates a system error

Many robot vacuum cleaners have screens that display commands and error codes. This display immediately gives you a message in case of wheel failure, obstacles in the road, sensor or brush problems, etc.д. Each model has its own codes that indicate mechanical or software errors. All of this information can be found in the user manual of the specific device.

The robot vacuum malfunctions with its spatial orientation

The ability of the robot vacuum cleaner to position itself in space in different models is built on a different principle:

  • High-end models because of the navigation unit, which has built-in laser sensors and a tracking camera.
  • Budget models are controlled by sensors that detect obstacles and floor level;

If one of these components fails, you can observe a picture where the robot unsuccessfully bumps into an obstacle, suddenly stops and begins to vibrate, works briefly and returns to the base, continuing to move in one circle.

Removing debris from the robotic vacuum cleaner’s rotating shaft to ensure normal movement

If it suddenly stops and beeps, the battery is probably dead, the navigation unit is malfunctioning (this can be temporary and can be reset) or the unit is tangled in wires. For constant reversing, sometimes cleaning the rotating shaft of dirt or wiping the eyeballs of the spatial orientation sensors is enough.

complicated problems with the device’s navigation board can only be solved by contacting a certified repair shop.

Starts cleaning by itself

If your vacuum cleaner starts cleaning unexpectedly, the problem may be the schedule. Use the remote control (or app) to delete the schedule and set a new one. Remove the battery and press the power button to clear the schedule and other settings.

Does not dock with the base

Most robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with an automatic charging function. When the battery is discharged during cleaning, the unit will automatically find its way to the docking station.

If your robot vacuum cleaner can’t find the docking station and wanders around it until the battery runs out or it gets stuck, it may just be a quality issue that you can’t do anything about. However, before you blame the manufacturer, make sure you place the docking station correctly. If the docking station is on the floor, near stairs or under furniture, the robot will have more difficulty docking. Place the docking station on a hard, level surface in an open space far enough away from walls and furniture. Try moving the charging dock to another location and see if it works.

If your robot vacuum was working fine and then suddenly stopped docking, it could also be a sensor problem. Check to see if the robot has trouble moving around the house. Maybe it’s bumping into obstacles. Then clean the sensors. If that doesn’t help, replace them.

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