Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning station

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential

The key to effective cleaning is suction power. Japanese motor Nidec provides a powerful suction power up to 2200 Pa for rapid removal of dust from the floor and thorough cleaning in hard to reach areas.

4-level suction power changes as neededCorresponds to your home cleaning needs

4 suction modes for different rooms and different types of dirt. Easily handles all types of dirt: from small objects no bigger than a pea to coarse dust and hair.

Removes dust and hairNoiseless and stable cleaning

Removes dirt such as bits of paper and melon seedsFor everyday cleaning

Removes objects the size of a pea for effective cleaning

Removes objects the size of a bead for deep cleaning

Digital water tank control, 3 adjustable water level settingsEffective cleaning of wood and tile floors

The 200ml electronically controlled water tank has 3 water level settings to effectively control water flow, prevent seepage and protect wood and tile floors from damage.

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Suction port on the weight, wet cleaning nozzle powerful main brushEffectively removes dust from all types of floor coverings

Equipped with a large-diameter weighted suction opening for easy cleaning of all types of surfaces. Low clearance and powerful main brush for effective dusting and thorough dry mopping.

3-layer filtration systemEffectively removes dust up to 3 microns in size

Uses 3-layer filtration system to trap up to 3 microns of dust and dirt and prevent secondary contamination.

Re-filters dust to extend the life of the HEPA filter

Effectively removes dust up to 3 microns in size

Ultra-slim body height of 82mmHurries around the house

At only 82mm thick, it can easily clean under beds, sofa, desk and chairs, giving you more cleaning surface.

Intelligent inertia navigation systemStep-by-step cleaning

Built-in high-precision gyroscope allows for circular cleaning to clean all corners of the room.

Voice control with Google Assistant and Alexa

Easy cleaning that doesn’t require your intervention

Built-in high-precision gyroscope allows for circular cleaning to clean all corners of the room.

Connects to the Mi Home appRemote control for easy and convenient cleaning

Easy cleaning, even when you’re not home. Simply open the Mi Home app and start cleaning remotely with the touch of a button. Switch modes and view cleaning status in real time. full control from anywhere.

Combination cleaning configurationsMaintain crystal-clear floors

Ability to traverse objects up to 17mm highTravels through the home with no hassle

Resumes cleaning from where you left offAutomatically return to the charging dock

High capacity batteryLong battery life

Wireless update supportContinuous optimization for ease of use

Update in progress. Do not turn off the device and wait until the update is completed before use.

Air pressure test data obtained from Shenzhen Silver Star Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. When using the device under the following conditions. the main battery on the body is fully charged, the motor is running in high power mode, and the vacuum gauge is on the suction port and covering it. the maximum measured suction capacity was 2200 Pa.

200ml water tank capacity: Received from Shenzhen Silver Star Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. The method for checking the capacity is to fill an empty reservoir with water from a beaker until the reservoir is completely full and record the capacity.

Ultra-slim body height of 82 mm: the height of the body is measured by placing it on a flat surface and measuring the distance from the highest body to the surface. Measured with a caliper (accurate to 0.01 mm) the height was 82 mm, which was converted into 8.2 cm.

Clearance 17mm: Clearance data was obtained from Shenzhen Silver Star Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. The test object is a vertical barrier with a height of 17mm. Barrier height depends on specific conditions and materials. Clearance will be slightly lower when loading water tank.Effective dust filtration down to 3 microns: data obtained from Suzhou Luchuang Detection Technology Services Co., Ltd., According to GB/T14295-2008, report 134-20A-01.

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Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus is a vacuum cleaner for complete cleaning. This is evidenced by the large box, in one part of which we find the robot itself, in another docking station with the ability to automatically clean the dust container.

In the box we also get:

  • Power cord
  • 1× reusable wipe
  • 10× disposable wipes
  • 3× disposable garbage bag
  • Shared container for water and dust
  • 2×HEPA filter (one already installed)
  • 2× side brushes for hard to reach places
  • Turbo brush with rubber and wool bristles
  • Scrubbing brush with built-in blade
  • User manual and documentation (Russian available)


Kit includes cable with euro plug, charging station, four extra dry dust bags, disposable wet cleaning cloths, microfiber cloth block, extra HEPA filter, various documentation.


An important component is the charging station, made in the form of a column with a hinged lid, under which hides a compartment with a removable bag for collecting dust.

The starter set of these bags is designed to last about six months of use at no extra cost. You can buy it as in Russian stores, and cheaper on Aliexpress.

There is also a recess under the lid for a brush used to clean the brush and roller. Won’t get lost in the future.

The power supply is built in. Complete cable with wide cross-section and grounding. There is a margin on its length.

The Roidmi EVE Plus has a display area in the upper zone, which was not present in the model reviewed earlier. It is touch sensitive. It displays, depending on the current operating status, the battery charge or predicted cleaning time.

It also has a control function. A long press on it triggers forced cleaning of the robot vacuum.

Parking zone with a floor pad and two pins. It is partially covered by the charging station cover when parked. In terms of space required, it is about the same area as the simple models.

Robot vacuum cleaner itself in the traditional version with a radial shape. Same white color with a few zones in black. In the center there is a turret with sensors located in it.

There is also an island with touch control buttons, combined with LED indicators.

There is a spring-loaded bumper that cushions collisions with walls. Although the sensor set used here precludes such contacts as much as possible.

Object distance sensors are located on four sides of the cleaner in separate islands. And height sensors on the base.

The difference from simple models without dust extraction is the nozzle with a valve on the side. Through it, it connects to the charging station to transfer the collected dirt to the bag.

But it is also possible to clean the bin manually to save on consumables. It is detachable. Accompanied by a HEPA filter.

A small high container with a liquid compartment can be attached to it. Choose between disposable or microfiber cloths.

Robot vacuum cleaner supports sound and voice notifications in Russian. The volume can be adjusted.

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Two wheels with grouser pads are responsible for moving across the flooring. Cushioned mounting method. Passability is good.

Selecting it displays a map of the room you’ve built. Buttons to display cleaning mode, send to charge and start cleaning. Battery charge and cleaning time available.

Roidmi EVE Plus builds a map when it cleans. On it sets zones and areas to be passed.

Several levels of water volume per wipe are available. Unit setting sets automatically. Changes the pump power. Setting the number of room cycles.

Making basic settings. There is an option to choose days of the week and time to start automatic cleaning. Several options for building your route indoors. Increasing the power on carpeting.

Built-in remote control to manually select the direction to move around the room.

Voice control

From the control window in the Yandex app you can start cleaning, choose the speed of cleaning and see the battery charge.


In terms of cleaning everything is great. High motor power up to 2700 pA with effective cleaning of different types of flooring, including pile carpets. At last knows how to automatically pick up the power.

Rechargeable battery with increased up to 5200 mAh of power is installed. This charge is enough to clean a three-bedroom apartment with several cycles of passing the entire area.

On wet cleaning there is a selection of the volume of liquid supply. As with other hybrid models, it is simply wiping the flooring. In a large area, changing wipes or rinsing it out as the rooms go by is optimal.

Design and shape of enclosure. The design of most robot vacuum cleaners is minimalistic and does not vary much. The bodies are often made of high-strength plastic, and the color is mostly white or black. When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner you need to consider its shape. It can be rectangular or circular. The former copes better with cleaning in corners.

Maximum cleaning area. Choose this parameter according to the area of your apartment or private house. The most affordable robot vacuum cleaners are designed to clean rooms up to 80-90 m2. Advanced models can serve a room up to 200-250 m2.

Capacities of the dust canister. The larger the reservoir, the less you need to empty it. If the apartment is small, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a 0.4 liter bin. For larger rooms, choose a 0.6l dustbag or larger.

Control. Instead of remote controls, robot vacuum cleaners of the Chinese manufacturer have the ability to remotely control from your smartphone. Just need to add the device to the Mi Home app. And you can assign basic commands to the robot with one of the mechanical or touch-sensitive buttons on the damp vacuum cleaner.

Modes of movement. If the early versions of robots supported only a couple of algorithms. cleaning the room as a whole and cleaning a local area, the capabilities of modern models have increased significantly. The user can program them to clean the room on certain days and at certain times of day. In addition, the app has a room zoning function that can be used to create virtual walls (for example, to prevent the robot from approaching the child’s room and disturbing his or her sleep).

Types of cleaning. Some robotic vacuum cleaners, in addition to dry cleaning, also support wet cleaning. Vacuum cleaner with wet vacuum cleaner independently moistens cleaning cloths to effectively clean floors. The cloth can be either disposable or reusable.

Smart devices help keep your home clean by carefully and gently removing dirt. Thanks to a special shape, they penetrate into all the hard-to-reach places. Devices are equipped with advanced technologies, high-precision sensors, a unique software platform. The advantage of such devices is that they vacuum and clean the floor by themselves.

Order a robot vacuum cleaner from a series of Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner available in the company’s online store “Xi.Express”. It sells original products that come with a warranty. Vacuum cleaners are presented in different colors: white, gray, black, silver. Buying equipment, you need to consider the type of cleaning (wet, dry), body material (plastic, metal), type of dust canister (cyclone, container), battery capacity.

Advantages and characteristics

The modern navigation system. the devices are equipped with special sensors that detect obstacles. Most of the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner robots can draw a map of the room and memorize it.

Quality cleaning of different surfaces. robots vacuum carpets and wash smooth surfaces (laminate, linoleum, tiles).

xiaomi, robot, vacuum, cleaner, self-cleaning, station

Capacitive battery. models with a 2000 mAh battery guarantee one hour of uninterrupted work. powerful batteries can run for up to 3 hours.

Efficient filtration. most units in the Vacuum Cleaner series are equipped with a triple system. Filter element retains not only large particles but also fine dust from the household.

Automatic discharge detection. when the device is discharged, it will go to the docking station by itself. It is protected against overvoltage, short circuit. When the battery is recharged, the vacuum cleaner will go back to where it left off.

Remote control. not only the buttons or the remote control can be used to turn on the machine. You can control it on your smartphone by downloading the free app. The user can turn on the device, direct it to a specific direction, to charge, see the battery charge, find out all the characteristics.

Safety. thanks to excellent maneuverability, large wheels, soft bumpers, the device can overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high.

Robots vacuum cleaners are made of durable, wear-resistant materials. They are available in different colors, have a matte or glossy surface. Some models have a built-in backlight, they can be seen in the dark.

Features of purchasing devices Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner

In the store “Xi.Express” presents vacuum cleaners at an affordable price. Their delivery is possible all over the country, and payment is made by bank card, e-wallet, cash is accepted. In many cities, there are points of delivery, which can pick up the parcel yourself.

Easy to order on the website. You can buy the device using the virtual form, ordering a call-back or by calling these numbers.

A special device helps to automate the process of home cleaning. This robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi with wet cleaning, which can cope with any difficult dirt, get rid of dirt in hard-to-reach places. Efficient and gentle work is ensured by top-of-the-line equipment and features.

At the online store Xi.Express a good choice of technology, suitable for dry, wet cleaning. The devices differ not only in design, but also in functions, battery capacity, and type of dust bag. They will please you with the affordable price, helping to save time by independently cleaning the room.

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner models with wet cleaning

The cleaning devices of the famous brand are divided into three categories:

Mija. there are several models in the line. When choosing one should consider the suction power, maneuverability, cross-country capability, battery capacity, dust container capacity, and availability of additional functions. Sweeping Robot G1 is a popular model. This is an inexpensive device with a HEPA filter, precise navigation sensors. Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S. more expensive device with more features. It develops the suction power of 2000 Pa, has a high-capacity battery, thanks to what cleans the room with the area of 250 square meters.м.

Roborock. series with a large number of models. There are robotic vacuum cleaners Xiaomi with wet cleaning at an affordable price, guaranteeing 60 minutes of continuous operation, complete with several modes. Expensive devices are equipped with a front camera, stereoscopic option, high suction power. These models independently determine the degree of soiling, collect all the debris and wash the floor.

Vacuum Cleaner. devices with good reviews. Demanded model Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop, presented at a reasonable price. It has a brushless motor, develops suction power up to 2500 Pa, copes with obstacles. Viomi Cleaning Robot V3. one of the most expensive devices. Has a high power, works in four modes, suitable for any floor coverings, a set of sensors and sensors allows you to move around the room unmistakably. The device is equipped with a capacitive battery, it pleases with silent operation.

Features of purchase

In the catalog store Xi.Express presents a photo and an overview of each device, which allows you to quickly choose a vacuum cleaner. All the goods have a warranty, delivery is carried out all over Russia.

Buy a robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi with wet cleaning you can through a shopping cart or call the listed phone number.

Self-cleaning is a fairly new feature for robot vacuum cleaners. Units that support this mode are equipped with additional garbage collector, built into the charging module. At the end of the cleaning cycle the device returns to the base and independently redirects the collected dust into the outer container.

This function can not be called vital. But it does increase the convenience of the unit and allows you to not have to service it after each cleaning. On the other hand, having an additional option automatically increases the price of the device.

Attention! With a robot vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning, you only have to empty the dust canister once a month.

place. Mijia 1S is the best option for dry cleaning

Xiaomi Mijia Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S. an updated version of the first generation, which has the same name, but without the addition of 1S. That Mijia was also in many of Xiaomi‘s top best robot vacuum cleaners, but is morally and technically outdated. The manufacturer decided to refine the model by adding:

Ultra-wide-angle camera, which improved the already good navigation

powerful motor, increasing the suction power to 2,000 Pa (from 1,800 Pa)

The function of setting virtual “walls” in the app

Thanks to the lidar and wide-angle camera, the Mijia 1S navigates well in space.

Wet cleaning in this robot did not appear, but it is not necessary for everyone. Thanks to the lidar, which provides accurate navigation, Mijia 1S robot is suitable for large apartments (up to 250 square meters. m) with more rooms.

Great price to quality ratio

Ability to integrate with the voice assistant “Alice”

A modest package that doesn’t include consumables

Top 7 best robot vacuum cleaners with self-cleaning base. What model to choose in 2021?

The modern robot vacuum cleaner gives you even more freedom. it can not only vacuum and clean the floors, but also unload garbage into a disposable bag. So you do not have to bother with a dust collector every day. It is enough to inspect the brushes once a week and change the bag once a month.

And today, to get a robot vacuum cleaner with a self-cleaning base, you no longer have to sell your car or get a second job. On the market, there are many variants costing up to 30 thousand, with simple functionality and average build quality. There are also premium models for 50-70 thousand, with innovative features and outstanding cleaning performance. Further in the article, I will briefly talk about the best models in different price segments, so that everyone can choose a vacuum cleaner for themselves.

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