Xiaomi vacuum cleaner robot does not save the card

We update the firmware of the vacuum cleaner if required:

First you need to update the vacuum cleaner to the firmware not lower than 3.3.9_001633 t.To. It has the opportunity to save the card (as well as the ability to indicate virtual restrictions on cleaning zones so that the vacuum cleaner does not stop into the problem areas.). On versions below will also work, but not stable, t.To. At each start, the card will be updated and all the coordinates are lost.

After the update, in the same Mi Home application, select a vacuum cleaner / settings (a diversion in the upper right corner) / tuning of the robot / and include the “Model of the Caption of the Card”. After that, on the main page of control of the vacuum cleaner, the “Edit card” button “click it” and drop the old card. We launch a vacuum cleaner for cleaning throughout the apartment so that he builds and retains the entire map of the room.

How to connect the Xiaomi robot vertebrae via Mi Home

The work begins by downloading the application through the App Store or Play Market. After that, the following actions are performed.

Charging devices. Before connecting the Xiaomi robot to Wi-Fi, you need to make sure that the smartphone is connected to a network with a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Launch the Mi Home program. Press on the plus icon in the upper part of the screen.

The device offers to enable Bluetooth. After that, it will be possible to find the gadgets located nearby. For synchronization, press on the vacuum cleaner icon.

If the system does not recognize the device automatically or automatic search is inactive, you can add a vacuum cleaner manually. To do this, use the “Add” button. In the list of devices, they choose the right.

Before connecting the Xiaomi robot vertebrae to the phone, the settings of the vacuum cleaner are dumped. To do this, hold 2 keys on the device case and wait for the sound signal.

Choose which network to connect the Xiaomi G1 robot vertebrae. Indicate Wi-Fi to which the smartphone is already connected. After that, synchronization and updating of the device begins.

Choose the location of the vacuum cleaner. In the future, it can be changed through the settings section.

Set the name of the device. It is advisable to write it on Cyrillic.

Add accounts for joint use.

Connection of Xiaomi vacuum cleaners to the application via Wi-Fi

The concept of a “smart” house changes human life. For example, you can remotely vacuum the apartment by setting the process mode and the size of the served territory. The device is controlled by means of wireless communication, so you need to know how to connect the Xiaomi robot vertebrae to Wi-Fi, be able to configure it correctly.

Preparatory actions

Before connecting the device to Wi-Fi, preparatory work is carried out. It is necessary to properly place the vacuum cleaner base, then charge the robot. The docking station is established based on the following conditions:

  • Proper installation of the dock. The back of the device is leaning against the wall. In front of it should be at least a meter of free space, and on the sides. At least 50 cm. After connecting the station to the network, hide the extra cable in the back of charging, wiping it to the coil.
  • Check the Wi-Fi signal level. At the location of the charger, there should be a confident method of wireless communication, without sharp changes in the amplitude. Also protect the device from direct sunlight.
  • Border marking. To limit the movement of the vacuum cleaner, the “virtual wall” is used. Xiaomi Virtual Wall. This is a magnetic tape, if it is glued on the floor, then the robot will determine it as a wall and will not go beyond the indicated boundary. The tape can be used for additional insurance of the vacuum cleaner, placing it near the edge of the stairs.

After installing the station, the vacuum cleaner should be charged. To do this, turn on the robot by pressing and holding the corresponding button. 4 options for the “response” of the device are possible:

  • LED oval around the “Turning” and “house” buttons caught fire with white light. This means that the vacuum cleaner is charged more than half.
  • Oval shines with yellow light. The charge percentage is less than 50, but more than 20.
  • Red light. The battery is charged by less than 20%.
  • The vacuum cleaner does not turn on. Means that the battery is completely discharged. Put a robot for charging.

After installing the docking station and charging the vacuum cleaner battery, start connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

Initialization of the device on the Wi-Fi network

The vacuum cleaner is controlled using smartphones. The phone can work both OS Android and iOS. Before synchronization, all types of wireless communication and positioning system-GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi should be enabled on smartphones. Turn on the vacuum cleaner. Then follow the following step.By.Step instructions:

xiaomi, vacuum, cleaner, robot, does
  • Launch or download the Mi Smart Home program. It is available in Play Market and App Store.
  • After the start of the Xiaomi vacuum cleaners, you need to select a connection point or server. For the right choice, pay attention to the language in which the instructions for the vacuum cleaner and the inscription on the package are written. If in English, then prefer a European or American server, in Russian. Russian. If Chinese is used, it is better to consult Singapore, as Chinese servers enter restrictions on some options.
  • Next, enter the login, account password and log in. At the first launch, you need to register in the application.
  • The page on which you need to click on the “Add device” item will open. Enter the vacuum cleaner section and choose the appropriate model, for example, Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum. If the connected robot is not on the list, then enter the name manually.
  • Next, you should restart the Wi-Fi network emanating from the vacuum cleaner. To do this, squeeze together 2-3 seconds buttons “Turning/off” and “House”. The reset will be accompanied by a voice message.
  • After receiving a message about the reset of the network from the device, put a check on the screen of the smartphone opposite the “Operation” confirmed “and click on the” Next “button.
  • A page will open where you need to choose a Wi-Fi network, to which a smartphone and a vacuum cleaner will be “attached”. Tap an affordable connection, enter a password.
  • The vacuum cleaner connected to the router. Now the robot can be considered as the type of router to which the phone is connected. To do this, go to the Wi-Fi settings on the smartphone, select the newly emerged network from the vacuum cleaner.
  • After a short connection, a window will appear on the phone screen in which you need to specify the location of the robot, for example, the kitchen, enter the name of the device. Click “Next”.
  • A item will appear in which you can add several more users to control the robot. To do this, you need to enter their accounts or skip this step.
  • Then there is a download from the robot. At the same time, licensed agreements will pop up with which you need to agree and accept. At the end, a device icon with its name will appear on the phone. The initialization will be completed on this.

After we managed to connect the robot permissor to Wi-Fi, you should continue to work with Mi Home.

Using Mi Home

Thanks to Mi Home, you can manage a vacuum cleaner without being at home, via the Internet. In addition, the application provides a number of functions that automate the cleaning process. The robot independently scans the space and draws up a map of the room. At the bottom of the main screen are 4 buttons:

  • “Go” or “Forward”. If the robot has drawn up the room scheme, then after clicking on this button, you can put on the map the point where re.Cleaning will be made. The device flies in the indicated area area of ​​1.5 x 1.5 meters in size.
  • “Dock” or “docking”. When pressing this option, the robot will return to the base station.
  • “Clean” or “cleaning”. The vacuum cleaner will begin to completely clean the room.
  • “Zoned Cleanup” or “Cleaning by zones”. Allocation on a map of a certain area for cleaning.

Also, slipping through the image in the form of three points in the upper right corner, you can open additional options. Even in the absence of the Russian language, it is easy to understand their purpose, the order does not change. The following settings will appear:

What to do if the error has nevertheless occurred?

Do not panic! With most errors you can cope yourself at home, the main thing is to carefully study the device and understand what exactly caused the problem.

All models of Xiaomi robots have the same error codes. Find in the table below the code that is displayed on the screen of your device, and act strictly according to the instructions.

Sometimes the usual reset of vacuum cleaner settings helps to solve many mistakes.

How To Integrate Xiaomi Robot Vacuums with Home Assistant

Decoding all codes and eliminating the problem

Code of errors of the instructions to eliminate the problem
one Something interferes with the funeral pinection of the laser. Turn the laser so that his work does not block anything. Wipe the dust sensors and remove all the excess.
2 Improper work of the collision sensor. Clean the dust and press the collision sensor a little. If extraneous objects got into it, press the sensor several times until they are completely removed. If nothing is superfluous in the sensor, place the vacuum cleaner in another place.
3 The wheel got stuck in the air. Place the vacuum cleaner in an even place and slightly scroll the wheel.
4 The fall sensor does not feel the floor. Place the device on a more stable surface, or clean the fall sensor if it is clogged.
5 Pollution of the main brush. Pull the brush and fasten the axis, and then clean them of dust and dirt.
6 Pollution of lateral brushes. Remove the side brushes and clean them of dirt.
7 The wheel does not work. Inspect the wheel and make sure that nothing superfluous got inside. Pull out foreign objects and move the vacuum cleaner to another place; Either remove and clean the wheel from dirt.
Eight The vacuum cleaner is not enough space. The vacuum cleaner was stuck and there is not enough space for him: put it in another place.
Nine A filter or vacuumber is not installed. Replace the components, or check if you installed them correctly. Please note that after washing the filter, he needs to dry for a day.
Ten Filter error. Make sure that there is no garbage and dust in the filter; Check if the filter has dry after washing.
Eleven Increased magnetic field. Place the vacuum cleaner away from the virtual wall.
12 Not enough charge. Put the device for charging.
Thirteen Charge problem. Check that there is a reliable connection between the vacuum cleaner and the docking station. If it does not help, wipe the components using dry fabric.
Fourteen The abnormal temperature of the battery. The battery temperature is too high or too low. Disconnect the device from the network and wait for the normalization of the temperature.
Fifteen Error in the definition sensor. Remove the dust from the distance sensor.
Sixteen The device stands on an uneven surface. Move the vacuum cleaner by installing it on an even smooth surface.
17 Error in the work of lateral brushes. Pull out and clean the side brushes or make a system reset.
Eighteen Error in the operation of the retraction fan. Make a discharge of vacuum cleaner settings.
Nineteen The docking station has no power. Check the station connection to the network; Wipe the contacts of the station and vacuum cleaner using dry fabric.
20 The internal error of the device. Reload the vacuum cleaner or reset the settings.
21 Error in the operation of the laser rangefinder. The range finder is pressed or extraneous objects are hindered by him. Remove extra objects or move the device.
22 The impossibility of charging a vacuum cleaner. Wipe the contact zones for charging the robot with a dry cloth, remove dust.
23 Incorrect work of the docking station. Wipe the docking area from the dust. Get rid of garbage on contact zones.

Why does the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner do not remember the map

The Xiaomi vacuum cleaner robot for many housewives has become an integral assistant who copes with the cleaning of the floor. He is reliable and technologically advanced, easily learns, but sometimes difficulties arise with this technique. For example, some users are faced with the question of why the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner robot is not building a card or deleting it. This is a rare situation that users still face and it needs to somehow solve it. There may be 3 main reasons for this state of your pet:

You decided to buy yourself a robot of a vacuum cleaner, then pay attention to the generation. Do not look for earlier models, because they have flaws, including. There is no option to save the compiled card on which the cleaning of the premises was performed. This applies to the first generation of Xiaomi devices. If you have just such a device, then you can’t do anything. Use a device with disabilities.

xiaomi, vacuum, cleaner, robot, does

The second generation is more progressive and already has a number of additions. In particular, there is an option to save the card. To make a more advanced second generation representative out of his favorite. You need to download the firmware for your model, but be sure to check. Whether this option is implemented at the hardware level.

How to make Russian voice acting in Mi Vacuum Cleaner

There should be no problems with the Russian language in managing the robot Vacuum Cleaner vacuum cleaner, since the Mi Smart Home application is in Russian. If you don’t have this, update the application. But how to make the unit also speak Russian, and not learn dozens of unfamiliar Chinese phrases? This will help you with the installation of Russian voice packages.

Complete cleaning

As soon as you launched cleaning the robot, it will begin to scan the room using built-in sensors, eat it up to the perimeter and set the boundaries. If the room is large, Mi Vacuum Cleaner will divide it into zones and remove each, moving along it with a zigzag from one wall to the other. For full coverage of the territory, the vacuum cleaner passes through it twice. When the cleaning is completed, the unit itself will return to the base. If for some reason he cannot find the base, then he will return to the point with which he began cleaning. If you urgently need to stop cleaning, briefly press the “home” key, and the vacuum cleaner will return to the base.

Partial cleaning

What to do if you do not want to clean the whole room, but want to remove, for example, only garbage under the table? For this, partial (local) cleaning is used. The robot will remove the space with an area of ​​1.5 x 1.5 m around itself. This mode is activated by a long press of the “home” button from the waiting status (when you press any key after starting the cleaning and thereby put a pause). At the end of the partial cleaning, the robot will return to its original position and stop working. If you put partial cleaning, then the work will be stopped.

Why is the Xiaomi robot vertebrae to be connected to the application

The reasons for the lack of conjugation can be different, but most often the nuances lie in the settings.

Xiaomi Robot Cleaner. Ошибка 10. Error 10. Исправляем за минуту!

Installation of location in the Mi Home application

First you need to find out that in the utility it is allowed to determine the location. You will need to go to the phone settings and click “installed applications” → “Mihome” → “Permits”, and then activate permission to determine the location. Actions, depending on the specific model of the smartphone, can be slightly different.

Checking the version of the Robot Permis

If the Mi Home application does not find the Xiaomi robot vertebrae, the reason may be in the non-compliance of the version to the region. To find out the version of the device, you should use the program itself. There are shops that implement smart vacuum cleaners of the Chinese version that can only work with the region of mainland China.

Attention! If there is an instruction in Chinese in a box with a robot, then you came across a Chinese modification.

  • International version. In the parameters of the mobile program, we select our region through the “profile” → “Settings” → “Region” → “Your Country”.
  • Chinese version. Instead of your country, it is necessary to choose “mainland China”. After the region is changed, you need to enter the utility again.

Problems with Wi-Fi

A common reason why the application may not see the XAOMI robot vertebrae is an unstable Wi-Fi connection. In most cases, the problem is solved by reset, for which the “Dischanting” and “Home” buttons are simultaneously pressed.

It is worth considering that if the phone has a stable Wi-Fi signal, this does not mean that the robot has the same level. Therefore, it may be necessary to move the gadget closer to the router. With a bad signal, problems with the conjugation of the device with the phone are possible.

If Mi Home issues “bring the phone closer to the router

If such a message continues to appear, one of the solutions below is suitable.

The main ways to solve the problem

Try to fulfill the tips below that users shared on different resources on the network. For convenience, we collected them on this list:

  • Check that there are no special systems in the name Wi-Fi. The name of the network and password should be indicated by small English letters without digits and special characters.
  • Change the channel, network range (set 2.4 GHz) and the type of encryption (select WPA2-PSK). If it doesn’t work, experiment with different options. Since all these actions are made in the router integration, the instruction will be useful on how to go into the router settings.
  • Check several times whether you entered the Wi-Fi network correctly.
  • Turn on on the phone both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Place both the vacuum cleaner and the smartphone as close as possible to the router.
  • Try to connect the device again after some time. Perhaps the problem is not on your part, but from the side of Xiaomi servers.
  • Try connecting via VPN.

We also advise you to see the Комментарии и мнения владельцев at the end of the article where users share their experience.

Change of region

One of the main reasons for this problem is the incompatibility of the regions. For example, you have acquired a Chinese version of the vacuum cleaner, and the Russian region is established in the Mi Home app, or vice versa. In this case, it is necessary in the program to change the region to China or mainland China: “Settings”. “Language and Region”.

Also helps change the clock belt to Chinese. Try.

Inclusion of permits Mi Home

The inclusion of all resolutions for the Mi Home application also helps. To do this, go to the smartphone settings, open the list of all programs and find the right application there. After click on the “Applications permission” and put down checkmarks in all points that will be displayed on the screen.

xiaomi, vacuum, cleaner, robot, does

Using a modified Mi Home application

The standard Mi Home application from Xiaomi often either does not determine the device or gives an error of incompatibility with the region. Craftsmen from thematic forums have long solved this problem by modifying the program. Try connecting a vacuum cleaner through it. The author of the modification is a user Vevs, and you can download a mod here.

Restoration of factory vacuum cleaner settings

First, try to reload the vacuum cleaner. If it did not help, then drop the settings to factory. All these devices will be restored by default.

    At the same time, click the “Home” button on the case and the “Reset” button under the lid (you can use a toothpick, rod or any other thin object).

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