Xiaomi vacuum cleaner robot how to add a room

How to connect a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to the phone (Mi Home)

Congratulations on the purchase of a Xiaomi robot. Below you will learn how to connect the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi through the application on Android or iPhone. And at the end of the page, the download files: synchronization of the vacuum cleaner with the application and instructions for robots-blankets (by clicking on the link, select your model).


To connect the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to the iPhone or Android, you will need Mi Home app. With which from your smartphone through a Wi-Fi network you will be able to control a smart vacuum cleaner. Links for downloading from official resources (open in a new tab):

Apple, iOS 9.0 or later version. Android, version 4.3 and above
link to App Store, ~ 467 Megabyt link to Google Play, ~ 88 megabytes

We advise you to download through Wi-Fi, files weigh a lot, especially for iPhone and iPad.

Smartphone connect to Wi-Fi network at frequency 2.4 GHz. Go to the Mi Home app, get back or register (if for the first time). Click on plusik in the upper right corner “.

Before connecting the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Home, make sure that it is charged, t.To. At the first inclusion, it may be updated.

Now turn on Bluetooth, and look for the busting nearby. If for some reason it was not possible to automatically find the device, then you can do it manually. In the “Household Appliances” tab, select your model. If it is not on the list, then change your region to “China”.

Next, ask for a reset of the reset, for this, click 2 of 2 buttons or 2 extreme out of 3, depending on the model; Wait for a voice signal in Chinese or Angerian. Everything, wi-fi huts are dropped.

Choose your Wi-Fi network in the next tab, excellent. Then synchronization and renewal of a smart vacuum cleaner will be completed. Well, then the settings to taste.


On the main screen of the application, the center is displayed in the center, drawn up by a blanket and its current place of position. In the upper part, the name of the vacuum cleaner and the current cleaning mode.

Information about the distance traveled, temporary cleaning range, battery charge level at the bottom of the screen.There you can start or stop cleaning.

  • Button “go”. Send the robot to a specific place for unscheduled cleaning.
  • Button “DOK-station”-send to the dock for charging.
  • The “Clean” button launches sequential cleaning.
  • Button “zoned cleaning”. Select a specific objective area of ​​the room that needs to be removed.

There are three points in the upper right corner, they open additional settings.

Additional settings

  • “Timer”. Set the time interval in the range of which you can clean automatically.
  • “Voice and volume”. A change in voice bags and volume of voice notifications.
  • “Cleaning mode”-choose the intensity of the cleaning of the room: quiet, turbo, balanced and turbo mode.
  • “History of cleaning”. Recording information about cleaning. Removen area, beginning and end of cleaning time.
  • “Remote control”. Manual control, if necessary or have fun.
  • “Card conservation mode” Adding virtual walls.
  • “Carpet mode” specifically for improved carpet cleaning.
  • “DND mode (do not disturb)” in the period you have chosen, the vacuum cleaner will not complete the cleaning and issue voice notifications.

Now you know how to connect a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner and all its functions.

Good to know

  • Can be controlled with the help of the voice assistant “Alice”.
  • If it is not possible to connect the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi, the document describes the tips below how to solve this problem.

How to set up a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, connect to Mihome application. Step-by-step instruction

In order to correctly configure the connection of the vacuum cleaner robot from Xiaomi, you must adhere to certain rules. You should study all the requirements of using a vacuum cleaner, as this device has some differences from ordinary household appliances.

First of all, to configure the “smart” vacuum cleaner Xiaomi, it is necessary to create working conditions for him, which is an important part of the installation and will not take much time. One. Before connecting the robot, it is necessary to remove all the things lying on the floor, which will interfere with the cleaning.

The dock station for recharging a “smart” device must be installed on an even surface and make it so that its back is touched to the wall or to the parquet, and at least half a meter of empty space and a meter from the front part remains along the edges from it.

For quick and correct operation of the device, you need to check the network signal, since a bad connection can knock down the direction of the vacuum cleaner and then you will have to independently attribute it to the place. 4. Before cleaning, you need to completely charge the battery. For the first time, a long press of the inclusion key and return the device to the dock station manually will need to be required to launch. A full charge of the battery requires about four hours. The LED battery indicator on the equipment housing displays the condition of the battery. If the indicator is lit up with red light-the charge is less than 20 %, yellow-20 %-50 %and white-more than 50 %.

xiaomi, vacuum, cleaner, robot, room

So that the “smart” device does not violate the boundaries of the desired territory, you can indicate them with a special magnetic tape Xiaomi Virtual Wall. The vacuum cleaner will not travel behind the designated place, as it will perceive it as a wall. The tape can be placed on the edge of the steps in order to avoid the fall of the device. The special “wall” will not take up much space, but, unfortunately, it is not included in the package and it must be bought separately.

After preparing the vacuum cleaner, you can begin to synchronize it with a smartphone and a network. To do this, you need to perform certain actions:

First you need to install the Mi Home program. It is available for any smartphone operating system. If you know the name of the region of the release of your device, choose it in the settings, and if you are not sure of the name click on the option “others”.

You need to go in and register in the Mi account. It will take you a little time.

The Amazing Engineering behind the Cleaning Robots!

It is required to enable the adapter on your smartphone, make sure of a good signal, and then add a robot vacuum cleaner to the Mi Home system to control it remotely. The robot needs constant presence of the Internet, as it is constantly online and downloads updates from the server.

Next, add a new device and click on the Mi Robot Vacuum option. Or independently find the name in the section “smart” vacuum cleaners. Then you need to undergo synchronization and install updates if they are.

To connect a smart device to the Internet, you need to enter your password from the network and wait a bit.

When displaying a “smart” device in the list of your devices, you can proceed to its use.

There are two robot cleaning options: 1. Automatic. 2. Local.

The first option has an independent construction and division of the map. After the analysis and assessment of the territory, the robot begins to clean the entire room, and then moves on to the next. After the work is completed, the device returns to its place. You can configure the cleaning frequency through the application. The location of the vacuum cleaner can be observed on the map. The equipment automatically returns to the docking station for charging and begins to get out of the place at which she stopped for the last time.

Local cleaning is used for certain zones using a long click of the Home button. With this option, the device will have to be transferred with your own hands to the territory that requires cleaning, and after cleansing the equipment itself will return to its place.

You can also choose a manual mode of operation and control yourself a robot-sprayer. You can change its intensity, starting from the quiet, and ending with the most powerful regime.

xiaomi, vacuum, cleaner, robot, room

What to do if the robot vacuum cleaner fails to connect?

If you were not able to connect a “smart” device, then you can solve the problem using the options offered below:

Try to restart the application and re.Connect to the vacuum cleaner.

Perhaps there were problems with the network and you need to drop its settings by holding the power keys and Home until completely reboot. Then you need to enter the name of your network and password again. The robot can speak different languages ​​depending on its firmware.

Try resetting all the settings of the equipment and connect again by rebooting the vacuum cleaner by pressing the Reset button.

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What to do if the Xiaomi robot is not connected to the phone

If for some reason you could not add the device to the application, try to do the following:

  • In the settings of the Wi-Fi home network, change the password from letters and numbers (without special systems);
  • In the DHCP settings, indicate the static IP address for the gateway (MAC address can be found by connecting to the Wi-Fi gateway network);
  • Try connecting the robot using another smartphone or with another version of Mi Home;
  • Try connecting through another Wi-Fi, for example, distribute the Internet from a smartphone;
  • Change the region.

Small but important preparation of the apartment

So that there are no problems in the process of cleaning, it is better to spend a few minutes on a short preparation of the rooms:

  • All the wires in which Mi Robot can get confused, remove from the floor.
  • Small things a vacuum cleaner can suck, so they also need to be removed.
  • Zones in which a vacuum cleaner cannot be injected with magnetic ribbons (purchased separately). Of course, you can arrange any physical barriers, but it is irrational.
  • Be sure to limit the vacuum cleaner access to the steps from which it can fall and break.

Connection of the Xiaomi robot to the Smart House application

The system of a smart house has a lot of advantages, but for a Russian user a big minus is that it is in Chinese. Connection of gadgets in the system occurs through the apple Homekit gateway.

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The basis of management is Mihome. All Xiaomi smart devices in the house are combined into one single network, and management comes from the common center. The Xiaomi robot utility is adapted to work in the block. To use one or another device, you need to press the corresponding icon.

There is no need to choose applications for Xiaomi robots: a universal Mihome utility is used. Despite this, the user has much more opportunities for managing an electronic assistant than without a considered program.

What to do if you can’t connect the Xiaomi robot vertebrae to the smartphone.

In this case, we try to repeat the connection. Most likely, when connecting the robot permissor, an error occurred to the network, which prevents the connection. In this case, restart the application and re.Connect.

The wi-fi settings of the Robot P canvelight will also help. To do this, press the power button and the “Home” button and wait for the seconds for 5-10 until the vacuum cleaner will make a sound signal. After that, connect the robot vacuum cleaner.

If these options did not help, then we are dumping the system of the robot-permollis. To do this, clamp the “Reset” button under the vacuum cleaner cover and wait until the vacuum cleaner will make a sound signal.

Configuring the Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One vacuum cleaner

Charging Xiaomi Roborock

Before charging a vacuum cleaner, find a suitable place for the docking station. It must be placed near the wall so that at least 0.5 meters of free area and 1.5 meters in front remains left and right. Make sure that the territory around the station is free so that the robot can call on it. The cord is made with a margin, but if you do not use it over the entire length, then ripe it and fix it with Velcro. So you will reduce the likelihood that the vacuum cleaner will confuse in the wire during operation and pull out the fork from the outlet.To charge Xiaomi Roborock Sweep One, turn it on (long pressing the power button) and wait for the tanning of the ring.Shaped indicator. After that, put the vacuum cleaner on the dock so that their charging contacts coincide. During charging, the indicator at the charging station is on time, and at the end of the charging goes out. The color of the ring.Shaped indicator will tell you how much the charge is left in the battery of the vacuum cleaner. If it burns white, then the charge level exceeds 20%, and if red, then the charge is less than 20%. During charging, this indicator will blink. Keep in mind that with a low charge of the battery, the robot vacuum cleaner may not turn on. If this happens, take it to exercise.

xiaomi, vacuum, cleaner, robot, room

Xiaomi Roborock Sweep One is programmed in such a way that after each cleaning he will return to the charging station. If you want to send it there manually, press the charging button next to the power button. In case of difficulties in the vacuum cleaner, return to the base (could not find it), take it there yourself.

Connection Xiaomi Roborock to the phone

As an alternative to button control, you can run cleaning from the phone. To do this, download and install the Mi Home app of the App Store or Google Play on the phone. If this is your first use of the application, read the conditions of its use, register and go to your profile.Click on “Add the device” and select “Devices nearby” or “Add manually”. To find a vacuum cleaner, connect the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS modules, turn on the vacuum cleaner and follow the application instructions. While connecting devices, you will also need data about your Wi-Fi network: its name and password.From your phone you are available a thinner setup of the work of the robot-blanket. If you want to remove a certain area of ​​the room, you can set it on a couple of clicks on a smartphone and thereby send the unit to work on a small platform or choose several cleaning rooms. Here you also set the schedule, look at the statistics for each cleaning, set up cleaning carpets, control the movements of the device as a radio control machine and another. All functionality is described in the Mi Home application.

Smartphone cleaning settings

You can start cleaning and far from the robot, for example, from another room, house and even another city. This is convenient if you are at work or in another place and want to remove the house by your arrival. Notification from the application will help you to find out about the start and end of cleaning. In the application, cleaning statistics are collected, including the time through which it is recommended to change brushes and other consumables.In the smartphone you can set the cleaning time, for example, choose Monday and Thursday at 16 o’clock. If you plan to clean at a time when your households are resting, then you can start a quiet regime. A specific room or even cleaning area is selected through the Mi Home application. And if you are unhappy with how the vacuum cleaner has removed some zone, you can control it directly from the phone as a radio-controlled machine. You can at the same time bring the children to the room a note (toy) or impress a cat. All settings are intuitive, you can only experiment a little.

So that the vacuum cleaner does not clog with dirt, hair and dust, it must be regularly cleaned. The garbage container and the filter is recommended to be cleaned after each cleaning, and the filter is cleaned with tapping it, but not washing under water. It is recommended to clean the central brush once a week, a side brush, front wheel and sensors. Once a month. Also, once a month you need to wipe with a dry soft cloth and the Connector of the charging station.Like other robots, the Mi Vacuum Cleaner model will not provide you with capital cleaning, which can be carried out by a conventional vacuum cleaner. But this miniature smart robot will free you from the need to constantly collect garbage for children, not very neat guests and households. And this in total will release many hours that you can spend on something more interesting and valuable.

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